Using Food in your Center Pieces


Edible arrangements are becoming very popular in Toronto and there are many ways you can incorporate them into arrangements and displays for your wedding. En Ville wedding catering and planning can help you plan your wedding centerpieces and décor, but here are some ideas to think about.

Why not have fruits and vegetables combined with your flower arrangements for centerpieces? If they are arranged professionally, they can look whimsical and very summery. These would be perfect for any outdoor or rustic weddings.



You could have a long stem vase filled with fruit and a beautiful array of flowers cascading from the top. A bouquet of Buffalo Mozzarella topped with a slice of green pepper and a cherry tomato on wooden skewers make a great colourful display and your guests can pick them out at their leisure. Using the large tubular vases you can stack different coloured peppers, radishes, or even cherry tomatoes to create a very rustic centerpieces.


For the rustic wedding feel, why not fill an old wood crate with a mixture of artichokes, red peppers, yellow tomatoes and radishes. You could add fresh potted herbs in terracotta pots and a sprig of thyme placed in the silver where.


How about a large fruit bowl with whole stacked apples, perhaps cut one open exposing the apple core, and add some green foliage to compliment the display. A beautiful silver bowl and stand displaying bunches of green grapes and cut kiwis


This is one of the hottest items this year to be used at weddings. They can be used in a variety of ways, from filling them with candies, fruit, candles, or as a vase for flowers for that rustic look. They can also be used in groups or hung from the ceiling to make up beautiful chandeliers. You can wrap twine around the center of them, or tie burlap to add extra interest. You can even fill them with sand or coloured stones and add a table number sign or as a place setting.


Who does not like chocolate? Everyone loves a chocolate covered strawberry tower, you could some strawberries dipped in white and some milk chocolate, and have them decorated with different designs to complement your wedding day.


Have the cupcakes made to resemble flowers using cocktail sticks make them into bouquets. Your guests will love the fact they can eat them when they get hungry!


Teared cake stands with beautifully decorated cupcakes, combined with flowers make great centerpieces for any dessert table.


By adding grains such as split peas, rice, black peppercorns or even herbs to clear bottles, you can create candle holders for your centerpieces. Alternatively you can leave the labels on and use them as vases for flowers and fruit.


Sliced tree trunks or cheese boards displaying apples, pears, artichokes, fresh sprigs of thyme with candles to give height, make excellent centerpieces.

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