Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Relive A Fantasy

Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Relive A Fantasy

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At the 2016 Met Gala most people came across various celebrities adorning bold metallic, and Lady Gaga took her style a notch higher. For Lady Gaga, it is no much of a surprise as she always has hilarious sense of fashion. She presented Donatella Versace, a most renowned fashion designer with a piece of gold art of the state nicely baked cake. It had three tiers and was perfectly designed to suit the designers 61st birthday occasion. While the cake that was baked used the worlds’ best ingredients it was a bit complicated for a wedding event. In this blog, you will come across gold cakes that will provide an amazing decadence for your occasion.

1. The solid gold cake:

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Perfectly made for an engagement on new year’s eve, the all gold cake is adorned with a pair of fresh flowers. It has an all gold statement to bring a contrast to its pristine texture with a flawless undisturbed natural touch. With a perfect wedding catering team, you have an opportunity to get the best solid gold cake.

2. Baked and designed boldly with gold:

Whoever said that wedding cakes need to be white is operating on a myth. Not for this specific customer who had a black and gold, bold and gorgeous cake for her big event.

3. The lovely laurels:

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A soft and lovely wedding cake adorned in baby pink colors that was named after the beautiful bride – Amelia. With a touch of gold, the final touches were amazing. Therefore, consider talking to your wedding caterer for ideas on how to make this type of a cake a success.

4. The well designed off-center opulence:

The gold dipped fondant with sugar flowers is a scrumptious cake worth trying out. The savory taste reminisces the childhood memories of going for ice cream in the afternoon. This magnificent treat has a sophisticated gold coating to give it a luxurious feeling.

5. The heart of gold:

This cake is a favorite for most bakers. Keep in mind that the only way to make this cake interesting is by hiring the right wedding catering team. This cake could be a perfect compromise for a person who would not want a cake smeared with gold in all of its surfaces.

6. Gatsby-Amazing Worthy Gold:

For a deco and vibe that stands out in a unique dessert try out this amazing eatery. You can design a cake simply with gold art that appears like it is just from your twenties.
Choosing the right cake for your wedding can go a long way in creating a memorable experience. Sometimes, you need to go beyond the usual wedding cakes and get something unique and interesting. The six different wedding cakes discussed in this article are perfect ideas for your wedding cake. Consider implementing one of the ideas.