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5 Signs You are Working with the Wrong Wedding Caterer

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5 SIGNS YOU ARE Working with the Wrong Wedding Caterer

Finding the right wedding caterer is probably more difficult than throwing your own cocktail party. There are so many people out there that promise the best services in wedding catering Toronto but they end up being a complete disappointment. Your wedding is a major event that will remain in your mind and the minds of your guests for months to come. The last thing you want is to work with the wrong person. This post takes a look at the common signs that will let you know you are working with the wrong person for the job.


The first sign of trouble is when your caterer tells you that your wedding will be his or her first catering gig. You wouldn’t want your big day to be a guinea pig, would you? You want everything to run smoothly. If the caterers have no experience, they will end up messing things up. Anyone can call themselves a caterer but only a handful of caterers have what it takes to make your event a success. Talk to people who have used the caterers before and ask your potential caterer for at least 3 references and make the point of calling them.

Insists on handling everything for you

Caterers offering full-service like to handle everything from food and beverages to coat checks. They claim this makes their work easier but the truth is it is more profitable on their part. To save money, you can consider buying your own supplies. This will be a great idea because most caterers charge above the retail prices. You may also consider renting your own supplies like dishware and chairs. This will help save a lot of money. To further save money, you need to be flexible on the wedding dates. Holding your event on any other day other than Saturday will save you up to 15%.

Has a secret recipe

If you have special dietary requirements, you may not want to go with a wedding caterer that has secret recipes. Yes, the recipe might be secret for a good reason but what ingredients are being used? Food allergies are a major concern in catering. The last thing you want to deal with on your big day is someone suffering from anaphylactic shock simply because you never took the time to know what ingredients the caterer used. If you must work with caterers who offer secret recipes, make sure they fully understand the dietary requirements of your guests.

Plans to keep the leftovers

You paid for the food so you own even the leftovers. Steer clear of caterers who claim the leftovers belong to them. There is a good chance they will serve small portions so as to have more leftovers.

Doesn’t take your budget seriously

Last but not least, if the caterer tends to ignore your budget, you should run. Guesstimates will ruin your event. You don’t want to be surprised by the final bill.

Micromanaging is the key to achieving a unique event. Keep checking and rechecking your menus and all event orders. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to peek into chafing dishes. You also need to work with a caterer you can fully trust.