6 Ways to Avoid Wedding Disappointments

6 Ways to Avoid Wedding Disappointments | En Ville Catering Toronto

Often in our lives, we find ourselves making regretful choices but on a special day such as your wedding you’d prefer if unsatisfactory choices are not made. Although this might be the case, there always never seems to miss those disappointing choices you wish you had not made. It could be anything from the selection of your color theme to the font size on the invitation cards.

Below we highlight the worst wedding mistakes to avoid if you want to avoid regrets that will haunt you long after the wedding is over.

1. Not hiring a professional photographer

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is asking their friends to take pictures for them instead of obtaining a professional camera person. And you can’t blame them one bit since weddings can be so expensive. What they don’t understand though is that experts deliver stunning images that effectively communicate your wedding story. This is unlike a friend who is likely to be incapable of delivering dazzling wedding memories via his/her images. To solve this, we suggest asking your photographer to design a custom package that suits your needs so that you can work within your set budget.

2. Allocating little time for photos with special guests

This is an added disappointment to brides where they get so worked up over the planning of the wedding day timeline that they forget to make time for a photo session with their loved ones. Posed picture sessions with loved ones are very crucial and this extends to all special persons who include dearest friends, grandparents, and even workmates. We advise taking the camera operator over to the reception should you fall short on time to ensure you capture those memories on camera.

3. Failing to eat or drink

It’s absolutely important to keep your body nourished and hydrated on such a critical day. Even though as the bride or groom you will attend to numerous matters, failing to eat gives you a dull and boring mood. Ensure you put all that money and time you spent selecting that menu to work. Celebrate every part of your day with a smile.

4. Getting too drunk on your special day

Couples may choose to enjoy some good quality wine with their friends but when one or both drink too much it gets very problematic, very quickly. Brides and grooms who get drunk embarrass themselves or even worse, forget what happened on their big day.

Ensure you maintain an acceptable level of sobriety by alternating a glass of water with every glass of wine you consume if you want to avoid embarrassing moments on your special day.

5. Holding back your dissatisfactions

The moment you feel that something is not going as you expected, immediately speak it out to ensure the job is done right. You should keep in mind that you have dedicated a lot of time selecting the appropriate vendors, thus you should not fear being called a bridezilla at the expense of a bad service. Whether it’s your emcee talking wrong or pictures looking bad, speak up and allow them to rectify themselves to avoid complaints later on.

6. Missing to get vendor details in writing

A wedding caterer might have agreed with you on something on the phone days before the wedding, but after, when passing on the bill they choose to change it. This is a very common thing during these occasions. Always get the best wedding caterer Toronto that sticks to their word for the services you need. Make sure that all information is in writing for easier confirmation and ensuring that everything stated remains the same to avoid overcharges.

These are some of the things to avoid if you want a smooth running day with no regrets.



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