7 Ways to Serve Up Food at Your Wedding Reception


When you start to think about wedding catering, what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think of a grandiose dinner served with elegant China dishes in a beautiful setting, right? While this used to be the most popular choice, times have changed and many brides and grooms are integrating different styles of eating and different menu items that really getting the wheels turning in your head. If you are looking for wedding catering ideas that are not the “norm,” we have some great ones for you below!

  1. Food Stations That Are Interactive
    Interactive food stations are a great choice for any wedding. These stations allow your guests to choose their own toppings and foods. For example, you could have a pasta station, s’mores bar, ice cream sandwich stop, and many more.
  2. Desserts and Sweets Galore
    Instead of the traditional cake offering, consider a huge table full of different sweets and treats. You can have a candy bar or a table full of cake pops, mini tarts, and brownie truffles.
  3. Family Style Eating
    Family style eating is a great idea and one that has taken off in the wedding catering niche. Instead of individual meals served on plates, consider placing the main course meat on a large platter and passing it around. Not only is this a great idea, it adds a personal feel to any wedding reception.
  4. Seasonal Favorite Selections
    Who doesn’t love a fresh, seasonal fare? Consider serving up local seasonal favorites when they are in season. You can have a delicious menu and depending on the time of year, you will find you have a wide variety of choices from fresh seafood to fresh fruit.
  5. Food Trucks – Oh Yeah!
    This idea may strike you as a surprise, but it is a trend that has taken off. Having a few different food trucks at your wedding reception is not only a fun idea, but it allows your guests to enjoy some fresh food made on site.
  6. Signature Dishes and Drinks
    A cute idea that has taken wedding receptions by storm is the idea of signature dishes and drinks. The way this works is simple. The bride and the groom choose their favorite dishes and drinks and then name them after themselves or a special moment in their life together. Guests can then order these dishes and drinks and enjoy them.
  7. Late Night Bites
    After a long night of dancing and partying, why not enjoy a delicious treat? Whether you want to offer a savory or sweet treat, late night bites are a fail-proof option. If you are unsure of what to offer, consider a simple bar menu such as mini cheeseburger sliders, French fries, coke floats, and similar.

If you are in need of more wedding catering ideas, contact the team at En Ville Catering today! We offer fresh food tailored to meet the needs of your wedding reception.



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