9 Most Important Things In Choosing And Renting The Wedding Venue Of Your Dream


If your wedding venue variants are not limited – from rustic picturesque barns to beachside local places and historic hotels – finding the perfect location that would suit both you and your guest count may be not so easy, to put it mildly. That was the reason why a former specialist in wedding planning, Cortnie Purdy, founded the website Venue Report where one can look for and book the best party locations across the globe. Our specialists in wedding catering in Toronto have paid attention at this site and found it fascinating; therefore we are glad to share our experience. On this site it is possible to filter venues by the type of party one is throwing (A bridal shower? The bachelorette? The wedding?), by the place of celebration, the preferable style, and so on. But before you rush to this or another site and start looking it through, please listen to some tips.

Purdy is a professional at finding out venues. This is literally her occupation – Purdy travels everywhere and visits wedding venues, meets with on-site coordinators and planners, and curates the database which is far the best of all. (Isn’t that a dream job?) In this article we’ve collected her nine rules for booking and, first of all, choosing your perfect wedding venue.

1. Consider The Location Of Your Party

First of all, one should decide if the wedding will take place close to home, or in some more distant place (keep in mind, wedding catering depends much on wedding venue, and the logistics may be more or less complicated).

2. Calculate Your Budget

When you know from the beginning, how much you can afford to spend, it will make your choice easier.

3. Judge By The Number Of The People You Wish To Invite

Don’t fix on a charming venue that can’t offer enough room for all your guests. If a venue is too small, it is too small, and that cannot be negotiated, no matter how long you ask or how much you offer.

4. Choose A Season

Wedding Catering en VillePick a season and some time period that would be good for you. Having set this, you’ll already know whether it is possible to have an outdoor or indoor party, and it will also be reflected in the bill. (Certain venues can offer discounts in the winter and extra charges in the summer.)

5. Visit A Venue Personally

Often it is the atmosphere, the energy, the spirit of a place that touches your heart. Something that one cannot get from photos.

6. Get Yourself Acquainted With The Staff

The friendly team of the venue plays a big role for sure. Of course, you’d want to deal with responsible people, with a team you like.

7. Pay Attention At Feedbacks

Trust your intuition, but don’t forget to go through online reviews and to ask your friends about their experience with these venues (if there is any). In case you hear something unpleasant, you’d better think twice…

8. Ask For Details

Are there enough bathrooms (if any) in this place? Is it allowed to have open flames? Better get to know such essential things from the beginning; otherwise it will be a problem later.

9. Fix Everything In A Written Form

When the time has come to book a place, make up a contract where you put all the small details, for example set-up fees, the rain plan, and so on. There should be no space to interpretation left. Have you found these tips helpful? The specialists of our Toronto catering company also recommend you the following: plan everything beforehand, and get consulted by professionals.



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