Adding a Food Bar to Your Wedding: Time to Break the Tradition

Adding a Food Bar
Raising the Bar on Wedding Dining

Tradition at weddings is a beautiful thing. It is appreciated by many of our elders and even we still hold some of those traditions near and dear to our hearts today. However, some of those traditions started to seem slightly stuffy once brought into the 21st century. The sit down, plated meal, though classy and formal, can sometimes be a tad boring, as we’re all expected to follow the same tired scheduling: Ceremony, photos, bridal introduction, seated four course meal, toasts, dancing.

Though nothing is inherently wrong with any of those things individually, over the years, couples and wedding planners alike have tried to break that mold. Whether through adding buffet tables or handing out hors d’eurves during a cocktail hour. These help to add a more social aspect to your dining experience. Rather than being stuck at a table with the same six people for a large portion of the evening, mingling is encouraged. Those ideas have set us on the right track. Now, however, we may have possibly found the perfect solution to social dining at weddings.

What is a Food Bar?

But What IS a Food Bar?

Essentially, it’s as if a long buffet table has been taken and broken into pieces, categorized by types of food, and scattered throughout your venue. This breaks up the huge concession line that can form when your guests are looking to fill their plates at a normal buffet table. With small food bars, dedicated to different types of food, people are free to mingle and move effortlessly throughout your venue.

Additionally, when creating your food bar menu, it’s easier to offer a large variety, making it a godsend for those who may need to customize meals for guests with food preferences or allergies. Try a vegetarian or vegan table. A nut or gluten free table. Anything that would appeal to your guests with specific culinary needs.

Keepin’ It Classy

If you’re looking for a few pointers when it comes to types of food bars to set up, never fear. We’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

The obvious first choice would be an appetizer or hors d’oeurves table. Included on this table can also be artisanal breads and fine cheeses or seafood platters.

Light & Healthy

Everyone appreciates a delicious piece of fruit or vegetable. Take advantage of the season by bringing in seasonal fruits and veggies from local markets, as this ensures quality and freshness. Don’t forget to include creative dips to include (both sweet and savoury)!

Pub Fare

Though Pub eats may not be the epitome of class, they’re undeniably delicious and can be dressed up for any occasion. Try a fancy take on potato wedges or french fries with various dipping sauces. Utilizing spices and heat can transform something that was once a run-of-the-mill side into a new taste sensation.

A Whole New World

The potential for international food bars is immense, and it would be impossible to list them all. Among the most popular are tapas tables, sushi platters, and build your own taco stands. But the options don’t stop there. Indeed, this is one area where creativity is cherished. Have your honeymoon planned? Try serving food from the place you’re planning to visit. Mix and match foods from your own cultural backgrounds. The possibilities for this are simply endless!

Desert Bar

Just Desserts

The dessert bar is like heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Most might think that the thing to do would be to lay out a few cakes, some plates and forks, and a serving spatula. How wrong they would be! There are so many creative single serving snacks out there just waiting to have a spot on that table.

The small sized sweets that immediately come to mind are cupcakes, tarts, and perhaps miniature doughnuts. If you’re rather well versed in the confectionery world, you may already know about cake pops, so you added that to the list as well. But there are many others that are not only delicious, but adorable, and would be unforgettable additions to your wedding’s menu.

A trend that’s been up and coming for a while now is a little something called “shot glass desserts”. They are desserts which are literally served in shot glasses. It alleviates plating, ensures portion control, and is just a beautiful and unique way to present a dish. Mousse, pudding, sundaes, and yes, even pies, cakes, and brownies, are all getting the shot glass treatment!


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