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Attempts To Personalize Food At Your Wedding: Good And Bad Choices

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If you ask specialists in wedding catering, they would say that the time of just fish and chicken is gone. Now wedding meals should present you as a couple, should be somehow unique and tell about the food you love. So be prepared, newly-weds, because the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for reception food!

Do you love brunch? Then you can offer your guests breakfast at dinner time. Was cheese on grill the best dainty of your childhood? Give the guests a gourmet variant as an appetizer. And now the time has come for a surprise. The beauty of a wedding is that your guests will be happy and hungry, ant therefore, they’ll love to try some new meals. And let’s admit that, you’ll be pleased to hear something like: “Wow, it’s something unusual! It’s amazing!”

Do you want a tip from professionals? Our experts from en Ville confide: the first and foremost is the plan of your menu! It should be based on your own choices. Begin with selection of two entrees with proteins you both love, as experienced caterers suggest. If a bride or a groom wants to have beef, why not choose poultry or fish to accompany it? In such a way you would neither change the menu completely nor provide individual dishes for a handful of your guests with dietary restrictions (vegetarians and vegans) or food allergies (for example, intolerance for gluten). It would also be better to offer various dishes at choice because such dishes can be handled easier than plenty of custom plates.
Now let us go to the point and find out how one can personalize a wedding party. Below we’ve collected GOOD CHOICES and NOT GOOD ones.


Please your guests with simply cooked meals ideal for big groups of people, like dishes with stewed meat, veggies and grains, or cheese-boards and cured-meat. Such dishes can save your wedding budget pretty much.


Present an interactive station for every 50 people invited where your guests can ask the chef for this or that dish.


Opt for fresh salads choke-full with seasonal local vegetables. For example, burrata with tomato, basil and corn in summer.


It’s absolutely necessary to waste money and labor trying to exceed expectations of one or two guests by presenting individually prepared beef tenderloin.


Ditch fried foods (for example french fries) that get damp fast. (If you cannot go without, you can simply drop by at some In-N-Out later!)


Better not choose non-seasonal products. If you get to know more about seasonality of the area, you‘ll be able to ask your caterer to create a menu based on these ingredients. This is how one can save money, and also support local farmers.


Think of vegetable grating. One can pre-assemble them and cook at the last moment, and those are beautiful and cheesy.

We hope that these friendly directions from the professionals in wedding catering in Toronto can help you to organize the best wedding party ever!

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