Catering for a Jewish Wedding Using the Kosher Style

Kosher Wedding Catering Toronto

When planning a wedding, one thing you have to account for is catering. Catering contributes to the guests’ experience and enjoyment. It also makes up a large part of the wedding budget. With that being said, the last thing you want is for your guests to be dissatisfied with the catering service at your wedding. If you are planning a Jewish wedding, hiring a kosher caterer in Toronto is one of the best decisions you can make.

It is obvious that your guests will have dietary requirements. You hence need to meet them at their point of need. The best thing about kosher catering is that it can be tailored to appeal to your special guests. The style you pick will, however, depend on the family beliefs, strict dietary requirements as well as your budget. You also need to consider if bringing a kosher caterer at your selected venue will be an option. If you can’t bring your own caterer, you should note that there are several venues that offer kosher catering. Often times, when opting for a kosher caterer at a venue, the contract will be between you and the caterer and not between the couple and the venue.

Kosher style rules

Kosher Catering Toronto

The main rule in kosher catering is never to mix dairy and meat. If you select a kosher-only venue, there will be separate kitchens for meat and another for dairy. However, if the venue doesn’t have separate kitchens, your caterer will need to sterilize the kitchen so that it conforms to the kashrut regulations. The catering team will only use products that have been supervised by a rabbi. The caterers will also need to use their own equipment since using the equipment at non-kosher venues will not be possible.

With so many regulations in place, it makes more sense to pick a venue that offers kosher catering or to work with a kosher caterer. You also need to bear in mind that working with your own kosher caterer will cause the cost of catering to go up. Hiring a caterer that offers kosher-style catering will help bring the cost of your Jewish wedding down.

Kosher style catering

This phrase refers to an alternative to the kosher menu at the wedding. The chef doesn’t combine dairy and meat and he will cook cream sauces and place them over beef dishes. The fish entrée is parve; it is neither meat nor dairy. Often times, fish becomes the main course. It is good to note that although the law allows anything that has scales and fins, it excludes seafood. All vegetables and fruits are accepted.

Kosher style catering is the perfect choice for Jewish wedding catering. It is, however, important to note that the kosher style food doesn’t make the kitchen or the food kosher. Kosher-style also does not permit forbidden animals such as shellfish and pigs. Simply put, kosher-style is ideal for weddings where a kosher caterer will not be used and you don’t wish to displease your guests.



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