Tips to Help You Finalize Your Choice

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterer


When you start to look for a wedding catering company, you want to make sure they can meet your needs, but there are more things that you need to keep your eye out for. Most caterers will tell you that they can meet even your pickiest demand, but not all of them can actually follow through with the requests you make. Before you settle on any wedding catering company, keep the following tips in mind as you narrow down your choice.

What Is the Quality of the Food?

Not only is presentation important, the quality of the food is important as well. If a wedding catering company is able to prepare a dish that looks nice, but it does not taste good, then it will leave you and your guests with a bad taste in your mouth. You do not want to be disappointed on the day that you and your spouse tie the knot.

Before you settle on the looks of a dish alone, ask if you can taste a sampling of the menu or if you can taste some of the dishes that you plan to have at your wedding. Most caterers have no problem doing this and it will give you an idea of the skills of the chef and what you can reasonably expect.

Mismatched bridesmaids are the perfect solution! During the wedding planning stage, pick two or three colors and allow your bridesmaids to choose the color they like the best. Also, you could have your bridesmaids all where a single color and have the maid of honor in another color.

How Can They Help You?

When you think about your wedding caterer, you want to know that they can help you. While you may already have food ideas in mind, a good caterer will be able to take your ideas and improve upon them. For instance, if you want to have pasta at your wedding, your caterer should be able to recommend the best type of pasta or suggest a filled pasta to elevate the dish. If your caterer is not able to see your vision or improve upon it, then you should consider looking for a new wedding caterer to assist you.

Are They Available?

One of the most important things you need to consider when you choose a caterer is whether or not they are available. Their availability should be open on the day that you want them for your wedding. In addition to their availability with your wedding, also consider how hard they are to communicate with. If you call and leave messages and your calls are not returned in a timely manner, how can you expect the caterer to show up on time or know about any changes that have been made. Make sure that your caterer is always following up with you, confirming appointments, and more.

What is Their Experience?

You should choose a caterer that has experience catering the type of reception you want to have. For example, if you want to have a rustic look to your food and have all of your food served on sticks, make sure this is something the caterer can handle, otherwise, your reception food may not turn out as planned.

When you are choosing your wedding catering company, make sure that you are searching for the best of the best. En Ville Catering has many years of experience catering elegant weddings and can provide delicious, fresh food for your wedding reception too!

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