Common Wedding Etiquette Mistakes

Common Wedding Etiquette Mistakes | En Ville Catering Toronto

Weddings can be overwhelming even for the most prepared team of planners. On such days, a couple will have a hard time trying to make everything fit perfectly. As much as weddings will not lack a few issues here and there, some setbacks might end up messing your entire event. If you want everything to be perfect, you need a full guide.

Here are mistakes you should avoid if you want to make your event a memorable one:

1. Posting engagement pictures before informing your family

One mistake most people do is posting a #ringselfie before informing those closest to them. It is not the ideal situation for your parent (or sibling) to know you’re getting married via social media. This makes them feel left out and they may not be so supportive when it comes to planning your event. You should inform your family first (in person if you can), before updating everyone else on Facebook.

2. Delays during your big day

Making guests wait for too long before the party starts might destroy the positive atmosphere at your event. Weddings make people happy but delays have the potential of glooming up even the most patient person. Organize your wedding in such a way that timelines are adhered to.

3. Forgetting the wedding party

During weddings, some couples concentrate too much on the guests that they forget they have an entourage that needs attention too. Show friendship and appreciation to everyone who is there to celebrate your day with you. Go that extra mile to make those who dedicated time and energy, by standing beside you the whole time, feel comfortable and worthy.

4. Designating a ‘singles tables’

This is one of the things you should avoid when organizing the wedding’s sitting arrangement. As much as future couples meet at weddings, allocating a space for single people will make anyone sitting there feel pressured by the whole situation. If you have to group people in specific areas, arrange them based on interests.

5. Charging guests for drinks

Choose the best wedding caterer Toronto, who will ensure no one pays for anything during your big day. A drinks bill is one of the biggest expenses during a wedding and if you want to cut it down consider other options rather than burdening your visitors. You can even skip certain drinks all together if you feel that the cost will be a heavy burden.

5. Forgetting to feed the vendors

On your big day, vendors will be working hard to make sure things happen so don’t forget to care for them. Ensure that your wedding caterer has included the wedding planner, videographer, photographer, the DJ, and the band in his or her plans. Additionally, make sure that your vendors have a nice place to sit, relax, and eat. Also, arrange for them to eat at a time that will be efficient, in relation to the job they are supposed to do.

6. Skipping out on the greetings

Interacting with guests will make those invited feel appreciated for sparing the time to come. Try to acknowledge everyone as your event is going on. Move from one group to the next as you share a quick chat and a hug. This dictates that you eat earlier than most so that you can have time for pleasantries.

Planning and executing weddings can be tough, but if you avoid the mistakes above everyone (including you) will have an amazing time. When it comes to your bridal shower, remember to invite only those that you will also invite to your wedding. Also, send out thank you cards (and gifts) a week or two after your wedding. Doing all this will make sure your event is an unforgettable experience for everyone who was there.



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