Crystal Wedding Cake Ideas – 2018 Trend


As a wedding caterer we’ve noticed that the days a wedding cake needed to stick to the standards of a simple three-tier are gone. Today’s designs are more artistic and somewhat too pretty to be sliced. A trend that is gaining more popularity across the globe is the crystal wedding cake. We are not talking about crystal stands but actual cakes that look like precious crystals. You will be amazed by the huge number of designs that exist in this realm. This is a trend that is taking the normal in cake design out of the equation. It is the new best way to make your wedding stand out.

A trend that is not showing any sign of slowing down is the geode cakes. These are masterpieces with plenty of crystal detail. The geode designs have been around for many years. However, they started making their way into the traditional décor just recently. They are stunning works of nature and the perfect choice if you love anything that sparkles. The three-dimensional ones are a great choice for making a wedding stand out.

The best thing about these cakes is that almost everything used in the decorations is edible. Sugar crystals are used to create the crystals for the pattern. These cakes are created using rock candy and granulated sugar. The sugar and candy can be crafted using multicolored modeling chocolate to achieve just any look. The crystals can be a combination of many colors from blue to green to pink and so on. If pink is the theme color of your wedding, you can have a pink geode cake baked for you.

Here we found few most beautiful and unique wedding cakes created by very talented people. Check out these photos and get inspired!

Amethyst & Gold

This will be perfect for a royal impression. It has a shine of gold leaf which makes it more formal and remarkable at the same time. The crystals are light pink in color.

Wedding Cake

Photography @emilieannphoto. Cake @carriescakesut.
Turquoise & Gold

The unique thing about this design is that it has marbled agate-like swirls which burst from the middle of the wedding cake. You also get complimentary rock candy stirrers.

Wedding Cake

Cake by Three Tiers for Cake. Photography by Katy Red Balloon Photography.
Blue, White & Gold

Another option you can go with is the blue, white and gold geode cake. With this design, you get gold accents and deep-blue candy crystals as the gradients. The amazing design creates the impression of gazing into a cracked rock.

Wedding Cake

Cake by @bttrcrmbakeshop

If you are into bright colors, this design will be a remarkable choice. It relies on lighter colors to create the impression of a cracked rock. Pink and peach swirls are used to wrap this geode cake. It looks like it has movement.

Magenta Wedding Cake

Cake by kekcouture
Chocolate & Purple

This unique wedding cake was created edgy, dark, with a little bit of sparkle and shine, covered in edible crystals. The marbled exterior, with a hard rock middle will definitely make your wedding pictures to stand out.

Wedding Cake

Cake by sugarbytracy. Photography by candykoateddesign.



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