5 Factors to Consider When Comparing Catering Companies in Toronto

Comparing Catering Companies Toronto

Catering is a very critical aspect of any event. You shouldn’t take lightly the process of finding a suitable caterer. First and foremost, be prepared to do the legwork if you want to find a reliable and trustworthy catering company in your area. As experts in wedding catering Toronto, we know too well that not every company out there will work to fulfill your needs and requests. Each catering company offers a different kind of experience. When comparing different caterers, here are a few factors to consider.

  1. What service style do they offer?
    How would you want the caterer to come in? Would you like them to prepare the food, serve and clean up after? Are you only looking for caterers to handle the prepping? Sometimes the catering company may not offer the quality of servers you need and you may want to look elsewhere. It’s really important to know where their strengths lie and be clear on what you expect them to offer you. If the job outline is not clear from the initial consultation, you’ll experience a huge challenge on the day of the event.
  2. Can they design a good menu for your event?
    You may have an idea of what dishes you want served at your wedding or any other event. A wedding caterer should help you to come up with a good menu with each of those ingredients or dishes in mind. Some caterers specialize in certain dishes. For instance, if you want to cater for guests with dietary restrictions or allergies, you’ll want to have a caterer who is well versed with the kinds of foods that can be incorporated in the menu.
  3. The quality of food offered
    This is the area where you have to be extra keen. Find out how they intend to prepare the food. Will they be cooking from scratch or serving frozen food that is just drizzled with sauces? Who will be doing the work? Some catering companies hire external staff to do the work for them when they have events. You may also need to find out if they will require any additional wares from you. Some of these details will go a long way in determining the overall quality of service offered as well as the price.
  4. Do they have experience?
    It’s always worthwhile to work with a catering company that has been in the business for a considerable number of years. They’ll know how to handle problems that come up last minute and will help you to figure out every catering detail of the event that you may have missed.
  5. Read reviews
    Whether the catering company was recommended to you by someone in your circles or you just bumped into them online, reviews will help you to spot a good caterer. Focus on getting information such as the quality of food served, the management details and staff offered by the caterer when reading these reviews. Most importantly, approach a caterer with a budget at hand so that they can know how to design a menu that you can afford.


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