Flower Wedding Cake Ideas – 2018 Trends


Wedding cakes are the biggest stars in any wedding, second only to the bride and groom. Therefore, you will need to get a cake that stands out. Flower wedding cakes are gaining a lot of fame. This is because they no longer adhere to the norm. They are the perfect piece for adding a unique style to any wedding. The flowers on the cake can be fresh, sugar flowers or synthetic. The option will depend on many things among them your budget and theme of your wedding. Here are a few flower wedding cake ideas you should consider.

Real-Looking Flowers

One of the best ways to create glamorous wedding cakes that the guests will remember and appreciate is decorating them with artificial flowers and blossoms that looks exactly like real ones. There are so many of this type that can be used on the cake. The main ones are the romantic blooms such as peonies and Juliet roses. These are best known for their remarkable classic elegance. You can also mix things up by adding the protea or the passion flowers to achieve an exotic look.

The best thing about fresh blossoms is that they can be used to fit just any style. Whether your wedding cake is enrobed in buttercream or it is the trendy ‘naked’ cake, you can add as many florets as you want to fit your style. You don’t even have to use the same type; you can mix several ones.


These are a perfect choice for mid and late summer weddings. Unique shape and wide variety of nude and light-pink colors make peony number one choice for most brides. However, this flower doesn’t seem to become a cliché yet, through many years used it still gives that touch of elegance and sophistication to wedding décor.

Peony Cake
Cake by phoenixsweets.


The unusual combination of bold, contrasting colours of deep burgundy and white made this chic and modern wedding cake stand out. “Sugar flowers of phaelanopsis orchids with intricate detailing were hand-crafted to be the main focal point of the cake.” ~ Paulin of Crummb (cake designer).
Orchid Cake
Cake by crummbcakes.

Cactus (Yes, this is not a joke!)

Looking for a fun way to add a little unexpected texture into your alternative wedding day? This cacti love you wedding inspiration has just the element you are looking for! That’s right adding a cactus here and there can give your wedding that added eye catching decor piece that will have you guests raving about your big day for years to come!

Mixed Flowers Caked
Cake by jonathan_caleb_cake


Classic flower for the classic wedding, it will never go out of style. Using various sizes on one cake you can create a beautiful cascade from the top. Combined with other flowed roses can create an elegant luxury look, or light country-style easy atmosphere.

Rose Wedding Cake
Cake by Karen Donatelli Cake Designs


You can use the single or fringed tulips in decorating your wedding cake. The single tulips create a classic look that most people recognize whereas the fringed ones have similar shapes but different factors. They have frilly tipped petals and contrasting colors.

Tulip Wedding Cake
Cake by Cofetaria Dana



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