The Full Guide: Options In Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering en Ville

Yeah, we guess you have not tried to feed and serve 150 people at the same time before. Not many pairs can boast of such an experience. In other words, imagine the best and biggest dinner party in your life. And don’t panic when you think of all the details: if organized correctly, there won’t be any problem. Professional caterers from Toronto catering company offer most helpful pieces of advice here. From options that you have in meals serving to various types of caterers you need to be aware of, we break down the essential information that you need to consider before you plan the wedding dinner.

1. Type Of Caterer

Caterer On Site
If there is one in your venue, you can be sure you’ll have reliable prices which include everything: rentals, cake, staffing and booze. (Be ready to pay some $125 for each person). Bonus: the caterer has obviously worked there before, and there will be fewer unexpected situations. So the special day has better chances to run smoothly.

Preferred caterer
Plenty of venues that cannot boast with a kitchen staff (historic buildings, museums) have a number of preferred caterers, and hiring somebody not from this list may lead to a penalty of $500. Exceptional places like museums and historic buildings have a tendency to prefer more expensive vendors. On the other hand, one can negotiate and see.

Caterer hired outside
If you buy the food of your dream in a sushi-bar nearby, or cannot imagine your special day without barbecue from a certain place, then it may be possible to serve such food at the party. (Just check if the venue can allow it, and if there are enough resources in the restaurant.) Ask about the exact conditions: in some cases, borrowing a restaurant’s staff and chef means that it’ll close for the time of your party, and so you’ll need to compensate the profit this restaurant misses.

2. Think About The Way The Food Will Be Served

Sit-Down Food
Plus – a meal on individual plates will bring structure to your reception and will make curating a menu much easier. Minus – a server will be needed for every 10 guests. And this will cost you a pretty penny.

Buffet Style Food
Plus – self-service helps you to cut the number of waiters in half, in comparison with sit-down meal. Besides, lag-time is less on the dance floor.
Minus – if your guests prefer some dishes to others, the neglected dishes risk to be just wasted. And you know this unpleasant situation when you stand in line to get something yummy that many others are already after.

Cocktail Party
Plus – small stations and plates will let you serve creative dishes that you find delicious, and you’ll skip seating chart, so that the guests are not “bound” to certain seats and feel more like dancing. Specialists in wedding catering in Toronto know how to conduct simply enchanting cocktail parties!
Minus – if a party lasts longer than two hours, then it can possibly cost much more than a sit-down meal, because the waiters – one waiter per 25 guests will be needed – will work for the whole cocktail party. And you’ll also pay for all passed trays.



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