5 Fun and Creative Wedding Styles to Choose from

Fun and Creative Wedding Styles

What’s the most important thing you can offer your wedding guests? Well, for most wedding couples, the answer would be food. Your choice of wedding menu usually depends on two things, your budget and your wedding theme. Some people want an informal and relaxed setting that attendees can interact and mingle with ease. Others are looking at a formal and elegant wedding theme that would keep everyone talking for the right reasons. All in all, make sure you work out a realistic budget before choosing a wedding theme. Some themes will certainly cost more to implement than others.

  1. Al Fresco
    This wedding theme offers guests the ultimate outdoor experience. it’s a Mediterranean inspired wedding theme where you can serve your guests some refreshing dishes while giving them an opportunity to mingle and get entertained. From salads to cheese platters, tapenade and fresh fish, this theme features authentic flavors that every guest will enjoy. Choose this wedding theme if you expect to have a good number of vegetarian guests.
  2. Sit down dinner
    This is probably the most popular theme for wedding catering Toronto. This will depend on the number of guests you expect as well as your budget. Sit down dinners can be a little more expensive than other wedding styles. However, you can play around with the menu to bring out your personality/theme of the day. Providing a full 3 course dinner service for your guests will make sure they feel well taken care of by the time they are leaving. This works if you want an intimate wedding with everyone eating around you.
  3. Serve afternoon tea
    Want to bring out a British-inspired wedding menu? Consider serving some afternoon tea. Indulge guests in different flavors of tea. You can serve high tea together with bites such as sandwiches, miniature cakes, scones or any other thing that would go along well.
  4. Serve Finger-Foods Post Ceremony
    If you are planning to keep guests around to share an evening meal, consider serving some finger-foods when they come in. This is actually a way to cut down the cost because you won’t have to serve two meals. These finger foods can be served after the ceremony when people are socializing or taking photographs.
  5. Themed Cake Table
    Forget about the traditional wedding cake that stands tall at a focal place in the venue. What if you can’t choose what flavor or type of cake to serve your guests. You can have a themed cake table where guests can sample different flavors and indulge in what you consider your top favorites. You can have the different cakes prepared by some members of your family who are good bakers. Just ask them to come up with a different cake flavor to feature on your big day. Alternatively, you can have the cakes made to order. This kind of setting will look beautiful in your wedding photos. Be sure to choose the types and flavors of cake to match the rest of your wedding theme.


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