6 Things a Great Catering Company in Toronto Must Have

Great Catering Company Toronto

When shopping online for catering companies in Toronto, you are likely to come across many options to choose from. There’s clearly no shortage of caterers in this part of the world. However, you may want to do a little background research to ensure the company you are about to hire for wedding catering Toronto will not disappoint you. We’ll share with you 6 things to look out for when choosing a catering company in Toronto.

1. What services are offered?

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a catering company that offers a one-stop shop for all your event needs? There are caterers who can offer every other service including décor, chairs, tables and silverware for your event. Instead of looking for multiple vendors, you can simply rely on one company to offer most of the items you need for your event.

2. Are they licensed caterers?

Make sure the catering company is licensed to not only offer their service but also serve certain things like alcohol at your event. A licensed caterer can also help you to navigate the process of getting permits and buying foods and drinks with ease.

3. Do they have experience?

It’s important to work with a catering company that has been in business for a while. Caterers who have been in the game for years will help you to avoid common issues and challenges that people experience when hosting events. They know how to quickly address these issues, given the experience in the field, and will work to ensure your event turns out a success. Do they have repeat customers? Great caterers do.

4. Can they work with multiple venues?

Some wedding venues don’t allow catering companies they are not familiar with. If you’ve already settled for a venue, it would be nice to know if the caterers you want to choose can work at that venue. If not, you can ask your preferred caterer to recommend a nice venue depending on what you want for your event. Some caterers have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into to find a suitable venue.

5. Do they offer unique ideas?

The best catering company should be able to offer you some fresh ideas to make your event more memorable. Choose a company that has a team with vast knowledge of what’s trending. Will they present their dishes in a unique and creative way to bring out the wow factor? It would help if you looked at some of the events they’ve catered for before. You can even take a look at their website to see how good they are in staying up to date with the latest trends.

6. Any event planning experience?

Some caterers don’t just offer food, they have extensive event planning expertise so you can ask them to help you plan different aspects of your event. Should you need a little help in planning, consider hiring the caterer to help you in this too. Make sure you review some of the events they’ve helped to plan before.



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