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Is It So Necessary To Serve Champagne At A Wedding?

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It is a widely spread belief that there is nothing more celebratory than opening of a bottle of Champagne on a special day. A cool drink with bubbles has long been a way to celebrate a special date, and these bottles on ice are often related to weddings. But will your wedding be less a wedding without Champagne? This is what experts of our Toronto catering company have to say.

Doesn’t matter if your dream is a dry wedding, or you should stay within your budget, or you just don’t drink this stuff, nobody can force you to offer Champagne at the wedding. And no worries, though people may associate it with a celebration, you can trust us, a wedding without Champagne has just as many chances for a success as a one with this drink!

Budget Concern

To give you an appropriate alternative, a specialist in wedding catering should know your situation. Are you concerned about your wedding budget? In case you still wish something sparkling, you can choose another sparkling wine like cava or prosecco. These are usually available in both dry and sweet varieties, and the majority of guests will not even be aware of the change, anyway. Such alternative drinks are, by the way, a perfect choice for your bubbly bar, together with fresh fruit, juices and delicious liqueurs for the guests to make up their own creative drinks. If you have already set your heart on Champagne, then there is a budget-friendly way: don’t offer it in the bar, so that you can only make it a third of a glass for everybody. Guests would sip a little at toasts, and that’s it. You save the money and satisfy Champagne fans, as well.

Alternative Drinks


What if you don’t even like Champagne? Well, just skip it completely. It’s better to save the money within your wedding budget, and to use it for something you both really enjoy, whether it’s beer on tap, a wonderful selection of wine or a whiskey of a good quality. Keep in mind, there is always a possibility that some of these glasses of the costly drink will be left untouched missing just one-two sips, and you’ll be sorry to have thrown your money away. Moreover, our experience in wedding catering in Toronto tells us that there aren’t strict rules for the toasts, after all! Why don’t you encourage the guests to raise whichever glass they are having instead?

Dry Wedding

If you’re having a dry wedding, you can offer whatever beverages you chose or, in case you wish to have this celebratory feeling, you can open a bottle of sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider. We can assure you, the same effervescent effect is guaranteed, but without alcohol!

We hope that our pieces of advice have been useful, and, no matter what, we wish you to remember always: it’s your own special day, and no one knows better how to plan it. Find the source of inspiration, and the right caterer, and the party will have good chances to become a precious memory.