5 Tasty Ideas for Your Wedding Menu

Ideas Wedding Menu

You think planning a wedding is hard, wait till you have to come up with the perfect menu. Companies that offer wedding catering Toronto consider different factors when coming up with a menu for their client. Some wedding couples want to take into account guests who have dietary restrictions in the menu. Others have a tight budget and so want the menu to include only what is necessary. All wedding couples want a tasty wedding menu that will contribute to making their big day memorable.

Luckily, we have a wealth of experience in coming up with different wedding menus for our clients. We’ll share with you some 5 ideas to create a wedding menu that’s unique and exciting for everyone.

  1. Make your guests feel “at home”
    Consider incorporating a few comfort dishes that will make attendees feel like they are indulging in their favorite homemade meals. For instance, some macaroni and cheese or chicken soup would be a nice addition to your wedding menu. To give the wedding menu a personal touch, consider incorporating some foods you liked as a child. It brings a nice, homely vibe, which is exactly what you need on your big day. Don’t worry if the foods are not fancy. Guests will appreciate these options since many of them are universally loved.
  2. Come up with dessert stations
    Think of serving different desserts at your event to complement the traditional wedding cake. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to desserts. From pies to cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts, you can have them in regular sizes or mini versions so your guests can taste the different varieties offered. You can even offer your guests a dessert station where they can design their own treats.
  3. Consider a signature cocktail
    Cocktails offer a nice way to keep your guests feeling refreshed and give them an opportunity to mingle. You can have professionals serving cocktails to your guests just to add a bit of flair to the event. Work with your wedding caterer to create a signature cocktail that suits your event. For instance, you can create a cocktail with your partner that will remind guests of your wedding forever. And no, you don’t need to include any alcohol in the cocktail.
  4. Choose a unique theme
    You need to choose a theme for your wedding menu too. It should complement your wedding theme. Think of how you can add a personal touch to it. For instance, if you met while on vacation, consider featuring different dishes that feature those places you visited. You may even have a menu that features your local dishes if you come from different areas.
  5. Offer mini foods
    The idea of offering mini foods in weddings has become so popular. First, your guests may not be very hungry so the huge pieces of food will end up in the trash bins. Secondly, most people prefer to eat light due to all the excitement and tension. Most people don’t want to have a heavy sit-down meal. It’s actually one way to save on your wedding menu.



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