Things Your Wedding Caterer Wishes You Knew

Things Your Wedding Caterer Wishes You Knew

Working with the best wedding caterer will save you a lot of time and money. An experienced caterer has definitely catered to weddings that are similar to yours. This means the caterer will not engage in guesswork when making plans. However, before you meet up with your caterer, it is good to familiarize with the top things that every caterer wishes you knew.

Take note of the pros

Unless you are involved in organizing major functions, this is probably the first time you will be working with a caterer. Unlike you who is planning your first wedding, an experienced caterer has worked with many couples. Don’t assume that the caterer is out to exploit you. You need to be open to the recommendations caterers give you. Having handled numerous weddings before yours means they have better ways of doing things that will lead to significant time-saving, sanity-saving, and cost-saving solutions. Experienced caterers normally have unexpected tips that will make things easier.

Pinterest isn’t a catering menu

Most couples spend a lot of time on Pinterest to get inspiration. The crucial point you need to understand is that you will fail tremendously when you try to mimic the menu you see on Pinterest. Most of the menus on Pinterest have been photographed and refined for advertisement or blog posts. Most of them are not practical in real-world budgets and weddings. When getting inspiration on Pinterest, you should be ready to compromise if you want everything to run smoothly in wedding catering. Allow your caterer to spin the particular food you saw on social media. The end result might not be as photogenic but it will certainly be a crowd-pleaser.

You can satisfy all guests even with some diet restrictions

There are many catering companies that specialize in all manner of diet. If you are gluten-free, you don’t have to force your guests to take only what you can eat. Your caterer can either provide various portions to cater to people with diet restrictions or create something that is excellent that will not only cater to guests with dietary restrictions but also the other guests.

You certainly need more waiters

Your caterer is not always trying to upsell on staff. They know how many waiters are needed to cater to your number of guests. With big weddings, half the room will have finished their meal before the other half is served. Having enough staff will keep that from happening. It is okay to make sacrifices on the number of guests but the sacrifices you make must not be big ones.

Be careful who you allow to tag along to the tasting

Your tasting entourage must be capped at four. Having too many people will lead to confusion. Don’t forget to invite both sets of parents.

There is a lot more that the best wedding caterer Toronto wants you to know. Be open-minded when discussing your wedding plans with the caterer. Don’t say no to a recommendation without considering why the recommendation has been made.



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