Tips for Hosting a Beautiful Cottage Wedding

Beautiful Cottage Wedding

Cottage weddings are currently on trend. Many wedding couples are choosing to host their events in the beautiful outdoors this season. But cottage weddings can be hard to execute if you don’t consider the important factors. We’ll make it easier for you to pull off your event by covering the main areas to consider when setting up a cottage wedding.

Planning the wedding menu

One important consideration is your choice of wedding catering Toronto. Remember that the weather can affect what your guests prefer to eat. If it’s too hot, make your meals light and refreshing. Avoid heavy dishes on hot days. Speak to your wedding caterer in advance to discuss how they intend to keep the food warm or cold (depending on the ideal temperature) since the event will be outdoors. Whether you’ll need ovens and fryers to keep those burgers hot or refrigerators in trucks to keep the drinks chilled, make sure the caterer plans for this ahead of time.

Choosing the location

When it comes to a cottage wedding, finding the ideal location is never easy. You may go with a private cottage or a garden wedding venue anywhere in Toronto. Think about the number of guests you’ll have and how far they will have to travel to get to your wedding. If you will be having a large number of guests served freshly made food, rethink how it is going to be presented. It’s really important for your guests to get food that is fresh during your event. The location should also bring out your wedding theme.

Consider the weather

Cottage weddings shouldn’t be planned without taking into account the weather conditions on that day. If it’s going to be too hot, you’ll need to make sure the guests have enough shade and plenty of drinks to cool down since they may be out all day. If the venue is open, make sure you provide tents. The hot sun can make everyone feel worn out if you don’t provide enough shade. However, some venues offer indoor spaces where guests can go to cool down or wait as the food is being served.

Offer some entertainment

Outdoor weddings are usually loads of fun if you have proper entertainment. Think of hiring a wedding DJ who’ll keep your guests entertained all day long. Some catering companies even offer entertainment along with the food. So your guests can listen to some good music as they wait to be served. Entertainment can go beyond the music that is played in the background. You can have an entertainment spot for the kids in the wedding or an MC to keep guests entertained. If your budget allows it, you may have different performances from musicians in Toronto.

With the right food, drinks and entertainment, your cottage wedding will turn out to be a remarkable experience for yourself and all the other attendees. Just make sure you provide the right environment and plan everything ahead of time. It helps to work with a caterer who has experience catering for a cottage wedding.



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