Tips for Remarkable Results in Wedding Catering

Tips for Remarkable Results in Wedding Catering

The food you serve is probably one of the biggest investments you make in a wedding. Second only to your being pronounced husband and wife, food is the most anticipated part of a wedding. As a result of this, planning a reception can be daunting. Not only are you catering to dozens of valued guests but you also want to leave a lasting positive impression on your guests. There are a number of things you can do to make the most of your wedding catering Toronto.

Go for the seasonal option

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. There is nothing more delicious than serving your guests with seasonal foods. Being a seasonal meal means your food will be prepared with fresh ingredients and will hence taste better. What is more is that the cost will be lower since the required ingredients are readily available on the market. Opting for seasonal options in wedding catering will certainly help you create a cost-effective menu.

Have a budget

Just like you have a budget for your wedding, you need to narrow it down and set aside money for catering. A precise catering budget will help the best wedding caterer to bring together a menu that is perfect for you. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help the caterer to give you catering options that will go well with your budget. Any good caterer can create excellent menus at any budget. Once you disclose your budget to the caterer, allow them to present their exciting options and pick the one that works best for you.

Tie the menu with the theme

A great way of making your menu special is by adding the wedding theme to it. Whether you are going for the Californian Dream or the British Brunch, you should share this theme with your caterer. An experienced caterer will be able to reflect this theme in the food that is served.

Consider your guests

Even when you know the exact number of guests that will be attending, it is very important that you inform the caterer of the size of your wedding. With a smaller wedding, it is possible to be more adventurous or even extravagant. This is because the cost of catering will not be as high. For a larger wedding, the costs will be a bit high so you need to consider delicious sharing platters or a buffet.

Dietary requirements

One thing you cannot ignore when it comes to wedding catering is dietary requirements. You don’t want to serve brilliant meals that most of your guests ignore because of their dietary requirements. Take time to understand the dietary needs of your guests before working on a menu.

These recommendations will give you some insight as you plan for your wedding menu. Don’t be afraid to consider what other wedding planners are doing to make their weddings remarkable. The Internet is not short of inspiration that you can use. However, you must always adhere to your budget. Don’t go overboard.



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