Tips for Wedding Tasting Etiquette

Tips for Wedding Tasting Etiquette | En Ville Catering

Anyone planning a wedding knows that food is one of the most important features of the ceremony. This dictates that couples are very careful when it comes to choosing the right menu and the best wedding caterer Toronto. No one wants to have bogus dishes in their wedding. As such, many vendors offer a tasting session prior to the wedding.

Here are great pointers for those attending such a sampling event:

Attend with a limited entourage

Other than you and your future wife/husband, it is advisable to show up with a maximum of two other people. Just as it is with bridal dress shopping, the best results come with a small entourage. The more people you have, the harder it becomes for you to keep focus creating a difficult situation for you and the vendor.

Be open with the scheduling

Due to the many things that come with a tasting session, vendors will be happy to deal with people having a flexible schedule. There are different ways caterers organize a sampling event. Whichever style your food vendor chooses, make sure to accommodate it in your plans. This will enable them to prepare for your session properly, thus giving you the finest tasting service.

Concentrate during the sampling session

For any tasting session, no caterer would want delays due to lack of focus by the planning team. Therefore, the sampling period is not a time for friendly feuds or family discussions. Ensure that your entourage minimizes the chattering unless it is about the food that you are tasting. Focus on why you are there for an excellent service during your wedding.

Prepare for the tasting

Carry a notebook plus a camera so that you can have references when making decisions later. Additionally, ensure that the planned session is on a day that you are relaxed and don’t have other pressing engagements. Furthermore, be mentally prepared and attentive. This approach will ensure that you make the most out of your experience.

Be cool

Watching every little thing like a hawk will only serve to creep out the waiters serving you. If there is something you don’t like, keep it to yourself and wait for the whole session to end. Simply enjoy the sampling and make suggestions later. Making a fuss about things that don’t appease you will not help anyone. Feel free to choose another caterer if you are not satisfied with the offer.

Don’t booze up

Tasting sessions also include drinks which can be alcoholic, depending on the wedding catering that you choose. It is essential that you aren’t lit during the sampling, as this might make you lose focus. A clear head is paramount when selecting the best service for your wedding.

Honesty is key

If you’ve enjoyed the service or not, it is most appropriate to be genuine with your feedback. Truthfulness ensures that everything is perfected when the vendor offers wedding catering Toronto at your event. Whether it is the service, the presentation, or the food itself, mention to your vendor everything that will assist in providing an outstanding service to your guests. Nevertheless, ensure that you do not sound reprimanding even if you are giving a negative opinion.

Providing good food for many people is not an easy task. Hence, give your chosen caterer an easy time when examining the service. Consider even tipping the waiter and expressing gratitude to the chef after the tasting exercise. Also, be discrete when discussing your experience with your entourage, especially if there are negatives you want to point out. Having a diplomatic approach is the best way to get a satisfactory service during the tasting session and the actual wedding.



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