Top 7 Finger Foods to Feed Your Guests at the Wedding Reception

Finger Foods to Feed Your Guests at the Wedding Reception | En Ville Catering Toronto

After long days of planning and organizing, the day finally reaches and the guests travel from far and away to come celebrate with you. All is set, from the DJ to the seating arrangement and as usual you already know your guests are arriving hungry, and ready for a feast. This is the big part. Though the selection of reception meals may be a confusing task, we are ready to enlighten you on ways to balance yummy, delicious appetizers with easy-to-eat meals that make room for friendly greetings.

Here are some of the best foods to serve:

1. Stuffed Eggs

This is a fashionable appetizer enjoyed by guests of all types. All you simply need to add is olives or bacon for that unexpected touch. Some of you might already be thinking that this is not the right food to serve in the evenings, especially because we normally have eggs in the mornings. But they are an awesome pick for all seasons any time of the day in the year.

2. Strawberry Bruschetta

All couples are not the same. Some go for exceptional wedding catering Toronto, while others go for foods that have been trending in wedding menus. All in all, this dessert is sure to give your guests a memorable taste. Though bite-sized, it combines cheese, fruit, and tomatoes to give off an amazing savory citrus taste you can’t resist.

3. Mini quiches

If you are looking for a meal that is easy-to-eat and generally loved, choose mini quiches. They are walkover finger foods that everyone is sure to enjoy. It is one special appetizer that is will go around fast while also satisfying hungry guests.

4. Parmesan toast

One prevailing wedding mistake couples make is failing to eat, and although it is expected that excitement may hinder you from eating, it is paramount to remember that your body depends on food for energy. This yummy snack stands as one of the most suitable foods for such a day because it can be eaten while you socialize and it’s best for picky eaters making it just the right snack for the busy couple.

5. Stuffed celery

As much as you would like all the food at the reception to be eaten by those in attendance, you are always likely to come across guests with set eating habits. This might seem challenging at first, but you have the option of searching for the best wedding caterer Toronto who will add special foods in the menu to accommodate such guests. Either way, this appetizer comes in handy as it’s healthy and simply made with dairy alternatives/products. It will certainly satisfy your guests and save you a lot of trouble.

6. Vegetable shooters

We all know that vegetables are nutritious and that’s why this makes an excellent snack to have at the reception. By neatly mixing sliced cucumbers, peppers, carrots and celery with a layer of ranch at the bottom of the shot glass, guests will feel very comfortable moving around the reception with this amazing treat.

7. Chocolate mousse in a martini glass

This sweet dessert will have everyone asking for more while making them thrilled during cake time. It is simple to eat and bite-sized just as the rest. We strongly recommend including it in the menu to serve those sweet tooth guests. It is also a very modern bite.

Therefore, be sure to have some yummy finger foods at your reception by finding the best wedding caterer to create delicious treats that will ensure your big day is memorable.



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