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5 Unique Catering Ideas to Try Out

Unique Catering Ideas

The best part about throwing a catering event is that you’ll have so many food options to choose from depending on theme of the event. We’ll share with you some 5 amazing ideas to create a memorable catering event that leaves your guests wowed.

1Showcase your diverse culture

When choosing a menu, think about how you can showcase your diverse culture. Toronto has a rich culture that you may want to consider incorporating in your menu. Serve different kinds of foods that represent the culture of different regions in Toronto. Some good examples include meals like chicken spring rolls and kabayaki cod. It’s a nice way to serve some delicious foods that your local guests will enjoy and also showcase the culture of this amazing place we call home.

2-01Proper presentation is key

Think of ways to present the different food types uniquely on the buffet table. Presentation, when properly done, can leave your guests longing to indulge in the different food items and boost their taste buds. No one will want to touch the food that is so poorly presented. You may invest in some interactive food displays or add different tiers and multi levels in order to present the food in a vertical flow as opposed to the usual horizontal flow. You can also consider adding colorful garnishments to surround the food and add onto the event’s décor. The company offering wedding catering Toronto should be able to help you brainstorm ideas on how to present the food.

3-01-01-01Pick a theme

Nothing makes an event look properly planned like a theme. Choose a unique theme that will make the party memorable and use it to bring out your creativity. Make sure every aspect of the wedding, including the menu venue, decor and dress code, goes along with the theme. It’s one of the easiest ways to make the event memorable and give guests an ultimate experience. In fact, choosing a theme at the very beginning will simplify the planning process. You can easily narrow down your options of decorations, venue and dress code when you are working with a specific theme. If you have a couple of themes you are considering, look for a wedding expert to help you settle for one based on your budget and needs.

4Think outside the box

You never have to do everything the traditional way. There are so many ways to incorporate new details that will add creativity in the event and make it stand out. For instance, you can have a live chef table to entertain the guests as they look at the meat being grilled. You may even consider setting up a cocktail stand and have someone who will mix the drinks for guests as they please.

5Consider healthy food choices

Organic catering is now bigger than ever. Incorporate healthy food items such as low-calorie drinks, veggie burgers, gluten-free options and much more in your menu. This is one way to ensure everyone gets something they can eat including your guests who have strict dietary restrictions.