Wedding Mealtimes Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Mealtimes Do’s and Don’ts | En Ville Catering Toronto

Having dinner etiquette is paramount in any wedding event. Whether you are a bridesmaid, the dazzling bride, the groom’s parents, the wedding caterer, or just a guest you ought to know how to carry yourself in front of other people during the events that come with weddings.

Below are a few tips to guide you during a rehearsal dinner, engagement party, reception dinner, or during all other fancy feasts coming your way.

1. Before the meals

Dress appropriately
It is vital to know how to dress during wedding events. If you are in the bridal party, no need to worry about this. For the rest, assess the venue to know the best way to dress. Remember overdressing is better than underdressing.

Put your phone on silent
This ensures that you are not a distraction during the ceremony and speeches. Make sure that your phone is on ‘vibrate,’ if you don’t want to be the center of attraction at the most inappropriate time.

Be time sensitive
You definitely do not want to miss the best parts if you are attending a wedding event. Thus, make sure that you plan well prior to the actual day. Cater for traffic jams, detours, and other delays when selecting a departure time from your home. One unwritten rule about time is early is on time, while on time is late.

2. On arrival

Familiarize yourself
When you get to the event, look around to get accustomed to the area. Note the exit and entrance points, and the lavatory areas. This will enable you to plan your movements aiding you to avoid being a distraction. Also, greet guests around you, capturing each name given. You never know, that person next to you might be your future employer, friend, or even spouse.

Store your belongings
As much as you might not expect your beloved purse to get lost during a friend’s wedding, many are times people have lost their things, even during a family event! Make sure to place your things in a secure and safe area if you want to avoid regrets later.

The napkin
When it is time to eat, the napkin should be on your lap. When opening it, start at the end of the fold that is not facing you. When briefly leaving the table, it is appropriate to place the napkin on your chair to signal servers that you are coming back. After you finish eating, place the napkin on the plate and the servers will not offer you any more food.

3. How to eat

Serve others first
If you are at a table that has a single water pitcher, be kind enough to pour your fellow guest the water first. This is extremely polite gesture is unforgettable and it will ensure you get positive reactions the whole time you are there.

Be polite
When asking for someone to pass the butter, remember to say please and thank you. Furthermore, just take enough of what you need so that others can get a share too. Hogging things will only earn you a bad reputation.

Additionally, the salt and pepper should circulate as a pair. You should always pass all these items via your right side.

Handle your utensils like a pro
Your fork and knife act as a tool of communication, passing messages to those serving you. Learn how to position these utensils, to give different messages, before attending any event. A fork and a knife placed as an ‘X’ on your plate mean that you are not done with your food. Placing your phone and knife parallel to each other, with sharp ends facing upwards, means that your eating is over.

Other dos/don’ts
  • Do show appreciation to your hosts after the wonderful evening and meal
  • Don’t overreact. In case of any mishap as you eat, apologize, ask for more napkins, and move on
  • Do at least sample the food. Hungry or not, have a bite of something. It can be quite awkward for others if you are just staring as they eat.
  • Do sit up straight
  • Don’t rest elbows on top of the table
  • Finally yet importantly, do learn the appropriate dinner place setting. This will ease your experience at the dinner table.

In conclusion, only the best wedding caterer Toronto offers an outstanding service. Thus, if you are satisfied with the vendor’s (food) service, note the guys, as they might be of great help when holding your own event.



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