What Are Other Variants If We Don’t Wish An Open Bar?

Wedding Catering en Ville

Though your guests are to come to your wedding in order to celebrate the marriage together with you, the chances are high that at least some of the invited will joke about coming only because of the open bar. Having a cool party is the goal of every couple, but having an open bar is often expensive. Moreover, it might be not the atmosphere you wish for your special day. But what options do you have if you don’t wish to offer an open bar? Below we have given a few from the experienced caterers of our Toronto catering company:

Limited Selection

It’s good to know that your options are not limited to offering an open bar or avoiding the booze completely. The best way is to limit the selections of alcohol for your bar or to offer just a few types of beer and wine. You can also add a signature cocktail in case there are some drinks you’d love to have at your wedding. This will give your guests a choice, and at the same time you’ll know exactly what your catering staff needs to order. So you’ll get an idea of what you’ll spend. Specialists in wedding catering usually recommend providing a variety of tastes: aim for heavier and lighter versions of each kind of beverages you prepare. This may mean serving a stout and a lager, a cabernet and a pinot noir, and also a chardonnay and a sauvignon blanc. If you’re not sure about the types or costs of wine or you don’t even know what’s what in alcoholic drinks, you can always consult your caterer and get a professional advice.

Partial Or Full Cash Bar

In case if you don’t plan to skip the open bar completely, feel free to contact the venue or the caterer you work with, so that you know more about possible choices. One of the smart choices would be the following: you have an open bar up to some dollar amount, and then switch it over to a normal cash bar – for the guests who want more liquor (with, for instance, a white and a red wine and a couple beers available through the whole night). Another more or less economic option is serving free drinks in a bar, but only during cocktail hour, and then switching to wine and beer during dinner and after it. Both or these variants will let your crowd to have one or two mixed drinks for each person, and at the same time you won’t go broke as the number of liquor bottles you’ll pay for will be somehow limited. Experts in wedding catering in Toronto sum up: when you plan your wedding, let yourself be creative and sensible both, keep count on what you are going to spend, and concentrate on what is the most important for you. Then the result will be received with cheers, and you’ll remember the special event as a good time.



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