Wonderful Wedding Cocktails Creating Romantic Atmosphere

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So many things are to be taken into account in wedding catering – from the seating chart to flowers, but plenty of grooms and brides confirm that one of the most interesting parts in planning of the wedding is the cocktail time! Wine will certainly please the guests, craft beers will be a hit with the friends of the groom, and bubbly drink is a must-have on every such occasion. Though if one wants to throw a really memorable and unique party, then the best decision would be to create signature drinks. This, as professionals in wedding catering can tell, always gets a warm welcome from the guests.

A good way is to select one-two beverages that you both love or to make simply her and his cocktails. A cocktail with champagne is a classic choice – and you can personalize it by adding the flavors you prefer, or by making it seasonal with the help of corresponding ingredients (one can think about pomegranate, rosemary and cider for a wedding in winter). For the guests that don’t drink alcohol, it would be a good idea to serve a “mocktail” (it goes without alcohol). Name your cocktails creatively. Sky is the limit!

Our caterers in Toronto catering company have decided to encourage you and to give you some romantic interpretations of classic cocktails, which will impress your family and guests for sure. Cheers!

Scarlet Sails

Wedding Catering en VilleWe gave the beautiful scarlet-colored cocktail this name in honor of the same –named touching and romantic adventure novel by Alexander Grin. The rum, prosecco and pomegranate libation incarnates the sparkling spirit of the long expected and wonderful day. Fresh seeds of pomegranate highlight the beauty of the cocktail.

Moonlight Kiss Martini

The cocktail has been inspired by the magic of the moonlight. Astonishing mix of vodka and coconut cream is completed with blackberries, to create an eternal contrast of black-and-white. The cocktail looks exquisite and elegant, especially if served in a gold-rimmed glass.
Read the recipe here.

Morning Beauty

Do you wish to make her and his cocktails? Such lovely-in-pink drink – a mix of grapefruit, St Germain and gin – will be a pretty good choice for a bride’s beverage.
Read the recipe here.
Wedding Catering en Ville

Fairy Dust

Well, we don’t know about you, but to us it seemed as magical and charming as a creation of a fairy, fluttering in summer twilight. Blackberries and flower petals in a classic French cocktail will catch your imagination at once.
Read the recipe here.

Winter Love Martini

Delicious frosty martini with raspberry – garnished with a berry and decorated with a shining sugar rim – will be an ideal complement for a winter wedding party.
Read the recipe here.

December Proposal

Some may call the cocktail a Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer, although “December proposal” creates a charming and unique atmosphere: a beautifully decorated house, Christmas mood and warm hands of your true love… Wouldn’t you say “Yes”?
Read the recipe here.

Special day

Wedding Catering en VilleThe festive and warm color makes the cocktail with apple cider and champagne just the right thing for winter and autumn wedding parties. Enjoy the little sun in a glass.
Read the recipe here.

Heart to heart

A truly savory aroma of orange bitters, figs and bourbon whiskey, together with the warm color, make it just the right seasonal cocktail for a special romantic event.
Read the recipe here.

These and many other cocktails can help you create a unique wedding spirit. And if you need some inspiration, feel free to ask us – our rich experience in wedding catering in Toronto always lets us surprise you.



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