Wedding Décor: It’s The Details

The Details in Wedding Decor

Paying attention to details can become more and more difficult as wedding planning moves into the final stages but it’s more than worth it when you see the final product at the end of it all. The little details are what helps to provide beautiful memories that last forever and leave your guests (and you!) smiling and happy well after the wedding is over. They’re the little touches that make your wedding YOURS. They can be unique and special or just well thought out and fun. Whatever little details you choose to include in your big day, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

We compiled a list of charming and whimsical wedding features, which make a statement and show that you consider the details. Here are some exciting and often overlooked specifics that you might like to include in your wedding.

Just remember that the little things do matter. People notice the hard work you put into planning and appreciate the little details that make your wedding unique and beautiful. Don’t feel like you have to do it all, but do take time to make sure you add little details and surprises here and there.

Photo Opportunities

Wedding Photo Props

One of the most important things you get to keep forever after your wedding are the photographs. Not only are they memorabilia, they help you remember all of the other little elements that happen to be captured in that picture. Providing great spaces and props for your guest photos will give you copious amounts of pictures to look back on, laugh, and reminisce.

Photo props like frames and doors to peek through, or decorative reminders to hashtag their photos with your wedding hashtag are great ideas to include. Also consider leaving disposable cameras or scavenger hunt ideas around the reception to keep people snapping.

Mr. & Mrs. Chairs & Glasses

These little elements are great for getting photos in and making the bridal party table more memorable. The bride and groom chairs can be special armchairs or a loveseat even with signs on the back or simply adorned with flowers or ribbons. The glasses are easy to have personalized and etched with your names and wedding date.


Whether your reception is indoors or outside, chandeliers are great statement pieces that add a romantic vibe to the atmosphere. They can also be made from all kinds of materials and fit many different themes and budgets. Here are some of our favourite wedding decor ideas:

  • Classic crystal chandeliers hung from trees or rafters
  • Flower wrapped basic chandeliers
  • Handmade chandeliers featuring sticks, wire and twinkle lights
  • Iron chandeliers with dimmed candle lights

Wedding Table Tower

Table Toppers

Now we aren’t just talking about the centrepieces for the tables, although those are extremely important. We’re specifically talking about the base that goes over the table and under your centerpieces. Brides are now opting for shimmery fabrics or even glass and mirrors to top their tables and it adds an incredible elegance and magic to the atmosphere. An accent base can also make the centerpieces pop that much more when done right.

Place Cards

This is something literally every guest will notice and see first when they find their place at the table. Make it something beautiful and memorable while still being easy to spot so guests can find their seat quickly and with ease. They will often want to take this item home as memorabilia as well, so make it fun and worth their while. You can hire a calligrapher to write their name on a paper and frame it or you could even insert a pretty little sign into a cupcake or cocktail stationed at their spot.


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