Wedding Décor that You Can Reuse

Wedding Decor That You Can Reuse

Recently, everyone seems to be experimenting with a less wasteful method of wedding decoration, which not only saves money, but builds memories for the new happy couple. The expenses of weddings add up and people are realizing that they being more thoughtful in regards to decorative choices means ornamental, or even functional items can be used again or given away, rather than thrown away – along with the money used to pay for it all!

Reusable Decoration Ideas

Wedding decorations form the ambience for your special moments and really enhance the mood of the event, so the idea of choosing design elements that cheapen the aesthetic can feel almost criminal. A current alternative being explored by many brides and wedding planners to deal with that issue is to find decorations that are suitable for use in the couple’s home after the wedding. Not only will you be able to spare a little extra to purchase better quality décor, it will help make your new love nest feel a little homier when you finally settle in. Here are some of our favourite.

One of the most fun and romantic things about doubling up your wedding and home décor is the special reminders that come along with it. Your home will directly reflect your special day and you can be sure to stumble across things on a daily basis that will bring back beautiful memories.

Cups, Bowls, Jars and China

Wedding Antiques and Bowls

Nothing is more useful than beautiful items to later stock your kitchen with. From cost efficient clear glass bowls to antique china and place settings, they all make for great wedding and home décor. The right piece can add a whimsical or luxurious feel to the event and can be used for centerpieces around the room.

Candle Holders & Vases

You can never have enough candle holders and vases at your wedding so make sure to buy ones that you’d love to use in your house one day. They can be great mantle decorations and side table toppers once you move them from your wedding to your home. They can be found at a range of prices and styles that fit both your wedding and your home themes.

Bird Cages and Lanterns

These are some of the trendiest methods people use to decorate their weddings now because they are beautiful in both events and around the house or even out in the garden. Their versatility extends as far as your creativity does and can be filled with flowers, plants, crystals, or candles. Want to keep those cages closed? Drape them with fabric or strand lights. The possibilities are endless!

Chalk Boards & Pin Boards

Another rising trend at weddings are boards used to write quotes, messages or display pictures or guest tags. These are also incredibly useful items to have in your home; from the kitchen to the office to the kids’ rooms, you’ll always find a use for pin boards and chalk boards.

Pillows and Furniture

Pillows & Furniture

Add a luxurious and comfy vibe to your reception using throw pillows and furniture that you would like to use in your home. They are both considered relatively expensive items to have at your wedding, but they are perfect if you have a greater use for them at home. So go ahead and indulge a little bit. It’s for a good cause.

Plants & Flowers

This one may seem obvious, but if you decorate with beautiful potted plants, bushes and even fake flowers or ficus trees, they can be brought home and added to your home décor easily. Whether you plant them in your garden or display them on your mantle, you won’t regret having these at your wedding. Wedding flower decorations such as centerpieces can be also placed at your front door, especially if it’s a summer time.

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