5 Dazzling Wedding Motifs, Themes, and Concepts

Dazzling Wedding Theme

A well designed wedding can heighten the experience of the already magical day that’s celebrating the union between you and your partner. Establishing an overall theme for the wedding will create a pleasing presentation and design that ties everything together, not only for your guests, but for you and your beloved. The decorations, colours, clothing, and even food all come together in complete harmony as the backdrop to your wedding. In no particular order, let’s take a look at five of the most elegant wedding themes both classic and currently trending.

#5 – Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage wedding themes capture the elegance and refinement of an era known for muted colour palettes, gold, and lace. Vintage wedding themes can draw inspiration from any decade, and whether it’s representative of the 1920s or the 1950s, the goal should be to remove guests from the often overly fast pace of today’s motifs and transport them to an experience that exudes grace. Intricate, tall wedding cakes, vintage wine bottles presented in craft paper, and floral accents usually make a welcome appearance.

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#4 – Rustic Yet Elegant Wedding Themes

Rustic and Elegant Wedding Theme

What makes a “rustic” themed wedding a success often has less to do with the décor and more to do with the selection of an excellent location, usually outdoors. Gardens and vineyards are popular choices, where couples can meet beneath a verdant trellis and guests can enjoy the fresh air. Wood tables and seating arrangements are popular—often the goal is to emulate the feeling of intimacy found in a home garden or backyard, except bigger and better. Popular for spring and summer weddings, these themes are noted for abundant flowers, garlands, and neutral colour schemes to highlight the natural beauty of the surroundings.

#3 – Culturally Inspired Wedding Themes

Culturally inspired weddings provide an excellent opportunity to explore and celebrate the culture of the two families coming together—and sometimes even a unique combination of the cultures of both the bride and the groom. Noted for cultural fashion, centerpieces, music, and of course food, these kinds of weddings bring to life the heritage of the couple (and make no mistake about it, grandma and grandpa will love it).

#2 – Verdant Greenery Themed Weddings

This theme is similar to a rustic wedding but differentiated by the fact that it can, if desired, take place indoors. Greenery, flowers, and wooden accents are popular. Food options are limited only by your imagination, but are generally light and refreshing.

White, Silver and Gold Wedding Theme

#1 – Traditional Wedding Themes

There’s something to be said for tradition. The classically romantic wedding that you’ve seen time and again that features colour schemes of white and silver or gold with a splash of demure pink, a large ceremonial arch, plenty of flowers is so popular because it works. Warm lighting and ornate furniture provide a soft, timeless environment.

How en Ville Event Design and Catering Can Help

Ultimately, your wedding day isn’t about the theme or the food served—it’s about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Having said that, you can make the day as memorable and meaningful as possible by choosing a theme and catering that delights your guests and best provides a stunning backdrop to the union taking place.



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