Hot and Popular Wedding Trends for 2016


Wedding planning is a fun and exciting time for brides as you have the option to choose the different themes and styles you want for your big day. Planning your wedding allows you to put your own personal spin on a long-time tradition of exchanging vows. Before you start to plan your wedding, consider these popular wedding trends for 2016. You never know – you may want to incorporate some of these trends into your wedding!

  1. Bridesmaids Who Do Not Match
    Gone are the traditional days where all bridesmaids have to match and where the same dress. While it was a good idea, it is not always possible for all bridesmaids to match. Take into consideration the different colors and body types- they do not always work for everyone and why make one or two bridesmaids feel self-conscious.
    Mismatched bridesmaids are the perfect solution! During the wedding planning stage, pick two or three colors and allow your bridesmaids to choose the color they like the best. Also, you could have your bridesmaids all where a single color and have the maid of honor in another color.
  2. A Pop of Color
    If you love color, you’re in luck! One of the hottest trends and predictions for 2016 is the use of color in your wedding. When we say color – think bright reds, hot pinks, neon yellows, and similar.
    The use of vibrant and bright colors will help add contrast, especially if you choose a soft colored wedding and then bright colored flowers for the bouquet.
  3. Say Goodbye to White Bridal Gowns
    What? A wedding without a white bridal gown? It is happening and it is quite popular. In fact, it is predicted that 2016 will be the year of floral wedding dresses. In fact, many women are moving away from the plan white wedding dress and choosing colors that suit them and their personal preferences. We say, why not? After all, it is your big day and you should be able to get married in any dress that you want.
  4. Cake is a Thing of the Past
    Cake has been the long time traditional dessert served at weddings, but when you actually think about it, how many people eat a slice of cake? In addition, wedding planning can become difficult when you do choose cake because you have to choose flavours that suit all of your guests and even then some guests will still dislike the flavours.To solve this problem, cakes are now a thing of the wedding past and 2016 will be the year of different sweet treats. In fact, you can expect to see mini pies, mini tarts, mini cupcakes, and mini everything. Some other great ideas include interactive food bars, cake pops, and even gourmet popcorn.If you need help with your wedding planning or you need some new ideas for wedding catering, contact the team at En Ville Catering today!Give us a call today to discuss all of your wedding catering needs.


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