Involving Parents in the Wedding Menu Planning is a Big Trend in 2018

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Wedding planning requires you to involve more people. You don’t want to make all the decisions yourself else you will be forcing your guests into things they might not like. Needless to say, when you force people to do or eat something they hate, your wedding will not be as big a success as you would want it to be. Here are some of the important people you should involve in the planning process.

Catering team

As you plan your wedding menu, it is imperative that you involve your wedding team. Yes, creating the menu is one of the most enjoyable tasks but you also want to make sure that you have the team that can prepare and present the dishes in the right way. What is more is that working with your chefs will give you access to a list of amazing wedding menu items that will open more possibilities and give better ways of personalizing your menu.

The food makes a wedding. In addition to what you know, you need the input of people who are involved constantly in creating wedding menus. Your catering team will give you the inspiration you need to bring the magic to your wedding menu. They will also advise on food preparation and presentation so that your big day is even more extraordinary.

Wedding venue manager

Now that you know what you need to offer in wedding catering, the next step is to meet with the banquet manager. This step will help pick the best dishes for the cocktail party menu, dessert choices and reception menu. The venue manager will give you some pointers to make your wedding an even bigger success. Remember the manager has hosted many weddings at the venue and they know which style works best. Leverage on the banquet manager’s experience.

Involve your parents

The best thing you can do in wedding planning is to involve your parents every step of the way. You need their help when setting a wedding date, picking a catering team, picking the items for your wedding menu and also when meeting with the wedding venue manager. Involving parents in the wedding menu selection is a major trend for 2018.

Here are a few tips you should use when involving your parents in the planning process:

  • Even when your parents will not be paying for the wedding expenses, you should consider involving them in menu selection. It is wonderful to share your wedding excitement with them and create lasting memories.
  • Don’t invite one set of the parents, you should invite the other set too as a matter of diplomacy. This will help get multiple opinions that inform your decisions even more.
  • Inform the parents that you have the final vote on the menu items.

Involving your parents will not only give you great ideas for the catering but also help create everlasting memories with them. Getting your parents involved will further make them feel valued. This is also a good time to bond with your fiancé’s parents and to bring both sets of parents together.



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