Most Popular Wedding Dessert Trends You Should Try in 2018

Summer Wedding Ideas Toronto

Even as they enjoy your gourmet wedding menu, you can be sure that your guests are eagerly looking forward to the dessert hour. The wedding cake is usually the center of attention and your guests will not think of leaving until they have taken a bite. Afterward, they will flock to the dessert buffet and the sweets stations. The last thing you want is to disappoint your guests on your big day. Great desserts are what make a wedding unforgettable.

Desserts are the last tastes of your fabulous wedding. If they are bad, they can neutralize all the great things. In wedding planning, you should always plan to impress your guests with the deserts. Here are the top trends when it comes to wedding desserts. You can use these trends to inspire your choices.

Individual Dessert Plates

A common trend when it comes to the desserts is each guest being given their own plate. Each plate is arranged with a collection of freshly-made desserts which can include the amaretto cheesecake, crème brulee, chocolate dipped berry and flourless chocolate cake. Some people also use the combination of cheesecake with raspberry sauce and berries and chocolate mousse. You can use any combination you want. Presenting each guest with their own plate of desserts helps make a grand impression.

Baked Alaska

This is a top wedding trend in 2018. It involves individual ice cream cake with meringue. It is a common choice for couples who want a classic wedding dessert.

Molten Lava Cake

People love making the first slice into the mini chocolate cake more so when it is warm. The flow of chocolate sauce out onto the plate is also an amazing sight. To make the impression even more remarkable, consider combing it with the raspberry mousse or some ice cream.

Summer Wedding Ideas Toronto

Chocolate Decadence Cake

This is a popular choice thanks to its rich, creamy chocolate. You can also go ahead and add mousse or ganache. This is mostly served as an option at the dessert buffet in most summer weddings. It can also be served as a dessert or at the wedding itself. Some people also use it as the groom’s cake. How you plan on using it will depend solely on your budget.

Orange Cheesecake with Berries

There is no better way of giving the traditional dessert a great twist than with this option. You simply transform the classic cheesecake into a citrus-flavored cheesecake. Your guests will appreciate it and the impression of your dessert hour will also be elevated. This option gives you a chance to offer a unique taste that guests will definitely want to try again and remember your wedding for it.

Chocolate Buffets

With this option, you just have a station with an amazing display of chocolate truffles, chocolate covered berries and chocolate mini tarts. All things on this table need to be dark chocolate and milk. Don’t be afraid to add an accent of white chocolate.

These are all great options you can try for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to combine more than one dessert option during your planning.



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