The Top Wedding Design & Planning Trends of 2016 Revealed


2016 has thus far been an interesting year for wedding design and planning trends. What we’ve seen for many brides and grooms is a growing tendency to prefer casual, impromptu settings and foods—without sacrificing elegance or class along the way. This casual chic approach offers the benefit of comfortable yet refined settings that are appropriate for hosting large families that might include any number of children running around. Not having to constantly hear the clarion call of parents saying “Don’t touch that!” is a stress reliever, and with eclectic catering options, everyone gets to have a bite of what they enjoy the most.

We’ve also seen an uptick in environmentally conscious decisions with couples opting for blackboards instead of wedding programs or single use, biodegradable utensils and dinnerware. Let’s take a look at these trends and discover which components you may wish to integrate into your own wedding.

Casual Dining and Alternative Seating

Casual Wedding Dining

Rather than a formalized dinner-like setting where all wedding guests sit at a table and eat the same things, more and more couples are opting for buffet-style catering options. Guests seem to appreciate it as they get to pick and choose which delicacies they’ll enjoy, and then can eat whenever they like throughout the event. It also provides more flexibility in the style of foods on display—combinations of both decadent and healthy alternatives are popular.

Traditionally, seating for weddings is predetermined long before the guests arrive for the ceremony. While in some cases this is helpful—maybe Aunt Joan needs to be kept away from Cousin Bill since she still remembers the $50 she loaned him in the late 1980s that he still hasn’t paid back—but for couples confident in the ability of their families and guests to be mature enough to pick their own seats, these kinds of arrangements have been successful. Circular shaped seating arrangements have risen in popularity in contrast to traditional forward facing seating, and sometimes the seats aren’t seats at all—outdoor nature themed weddings might incorporate rustic logs instead.


Eclectic Bridesmaids

Gone are the days of bridesmaids all wearing matching dresses—for some couples, anyway. Many weddings in 2016 opted for a more eclectic bridesmaid attire, often allowing them to choose their own outfits. This budget-saving decision allows the bridesmaids to express themselves in the way that best allows them to celebrate the bride and grooms’ union in their own way. The bride herself generally still chooses a traditional white wedding dress, although in some cases even this style has been foregone for a more modern or personalized take on the dress.

Distraction Free Ceremonies

Cell phones and other mobile devices are ubiquitous—and loud. Many weddings have incorporated a “no smartphone” policy, particularly for during the ceremony itself. Akin to movie theaters, a speaker will remind guests to turn off or mute their phones before the celebration begins. Some weddings have taken this a step further and requested that guests leave behind their mobile devices entirely, promoting real-life interaction between guests and family members.

Eclectic Bridesmaid

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