Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue

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Selecting a wedding venue is one of the first things that engaged couples do. This is because the choice of venue has a significant influence on the budget, vendors, décor and also the attire. When deciding on the outdoor venue to use, here are the top considerations you need to make when weighing your options in wedding planning.

Number of guests

The search for the perfect outdoor wedding venue must always start with you estimating the number of people that you would like to invite. It makes no sense to host your ceremony in a lovely spring and summer garden that is too small to accommodate your guests. A venue that is too small will cause crowding. This will cause your guests to miss the beautiful parlor or the ambiance of a glowing fireplace.

Set a budget

The next step is to come up with a budget. To do this, you need to sit down with your fiancé and figure out the amount you are ready to spend on the summer wedding Toronto. Start by figuring out the much it costs to host similar weddings in your desired location. There are numerous online venue directories you can use to do your research based on price, location, and type of venue. Figuring out how much you can comfortably afford will keep you from the headache of falling in love with a venue that is out of your financial reach. Don’t sign any contract until you fully understand the total cost.

View real wedding photos

The problem with choosing outdoor venues is that they might not look as great if they are not staged. To get a better idea of what they can look like after decoration you need to check out the wedding planners’ as well as photographers’ blogs to see how the real weddings look. Don’t be afraid to contact couples that had their wedding at the venue. It will be very helpful if you can visit the venue during the season you will be getting married.

Pick a wedding date

The most romantic wedding venues will be overbooked on the peak seasons. It is good to make your booking months in advance. To do this, you need to select a date for your wedding. Check with the venue to see if the venue will be available on the selected date. If not, consider changing the date. If changing the date will not be possible you will have to find another comparable venue.

Pick the theme

It is only after finding the perfect venue that you should go ahead and pick the colors or theme. The reason for this is because not all colors will work with all venues. For example, if your colors are silver and purple, you will spend more on decorations when fixing up a venue that has ivory walls and gold chairs. The right colors are the ones that complement the venue space.

The right venue will ensure you enjoy a unique and memorable event. Don’t rush the planning. Take time to weigh your options and make reservations in reputable establishments.



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