Tips to Have the Perfect Outdoor Summer Wedding


As you are starting your wedding planning, you are probably thinking of having a beautiful summer wedding with a lovely water or floral backdrop and a clear sky above, right? While this may be the background of your wedding, did you consider that your guests may become quickly dehydrated or they may be dripping in sweat? While your dream may be an outdoor wedding, you need to also keep your guests in mind because you do not want them to suffer or make a beeline for the closest air conditioned building either! Below, we will go over some wedding planning tips to ensure that you have the perfect outdoor summer wedding.

  1. Rent an Air Conditioning Unit for Tents
    If you are having an outdoor wedding and reception this summer, you need to make sure that you are keeping your guests cool. To make this happen, consider putting up a tent and then renting an air conditioning unit or two to circulate cool air throughout the tent. Guests who want to step outside of the tent will have the option and those who are hot from being outside can retreat to the cool interior of the tent.
  2. Hand Out Water and Sunscreen
    To keep your guests hydrated, consider passing out some small bottles of water for them to enjoy during the wedding ceremony. You can have your ushers simply hand the bottles out as guests approach the seating area. The water will prevent your guests from becoming dehydrated and it will keep them from squirming around in their seats.In addition to water, help your guests protect their skin by handing out a small bottle of sunscreen to go along with the water. Your guests may not know it, but that overhead sun can leave a bright red burn on their face or arms.
  3. Choose Light Fabric for Your Wedding Gown
    While we have talked about how comfortable your guests need to be, you also need to be comfortable. As the bride, you want to be able to enjoy your big day. Instead of wearing a heavy dress, why not opt in for a lighter fabric? Choose one that is breathable such as a chiffon or even cotton. If you wear a heavy material, you may sweat too much and this will not only make you feel self-conscious, but the sweat may show through the dress.
  4. Keep Your Flowers Hydrated
    One of the downsides to have a summer wedding outdoors is that your fresh flowers will wilt quickly if they do not have enough water. Before you panic, consider talking to your florist during your wedding planning stage and find out if the florist can transport the flowers to you with the stems in water. For example, you can have the bouquets wrapped in the middle of the stem and then have the bouquet placed into a small vase with water to allow the flowers to receive hydration until you are ready to use them.
    If you need help with your summer wedding planning, contact En Ville Catering today. We can help you plant he perfect summer wedding.


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