Trending Wedding Menus in 2018


A lot of work goes into wedding catering. This is because couples want their guests to remember the wedding for the great food and not stomach upsets or worse – going hungry. In addition to prioritizing the wedding menu, menus ought to be personalized. Taking a quick look at the top trends in 2018 can help inspire your choices.

Spicy foods

Spicy menu elements are on trend in 2018. Chefs tailor the guests’ plates from the mild to the spicy and the extra-hot. The sriracha sauce is the most widely used spice. Spicy sauces and peppers are also in high demand. When going for the spicy foods, bear in mind that not everyone can take the extra-hot meals. Provisions have to be made for them. Let the guests choose whether to add the hot spices or not. Don’t make the decision for them.


The classic menus are very common on the buffets, cocktail party stations, and sit-down meals. Options include pan-seared salmon, roasted chicken, Chateaubriand and a range of other fine dining foods. When working to create the perfect menu for your wedding, you may want to offer a blend of upscale gourmet cuisines and classic dishes.

Organic foods

In 2018, the farm-to-table menus are a popular trend. The world is quickly moving towards healthy living. This is as more people learn about the benefits of eating healthy dishes. Why not make this possible for your guests by adding organic foods to your menu? There is nothing better than serving your guests the freshest and tastiest foods. The best thing is that most of the ingredients can be sourced locally.

Comfort foods

Everyone has their comfort foods. Wedding guests will love seeing their favorite comfort foods on the menu at the cocktail stations. The chef can create small bites or small servings of top-trending comfort foods such as sliders, mac ‘n’ cheese, piped mashed potato swirls with cheeses and bacon on top. To pull this off, you have to meet with your chefs and give them ideas on popular comfort foods. Your wedding catering manager must also be involved so that you can add expert flair to your dishes.

Regional foods

It is obvious that all your guests will not come from your region. Some will come from far off places. Including the cuisines of your guests’ region in your menu will be a great idea. For example, if you are serving guests from the States say Texas, you can include an authentic Texas barbecue station. Lobster and filet mignon station will cater to guests from Boston. Don’t forget to include the local dishes from Canada too.

Late night snacks

After the celebrations, your guests will be hungry. You will need a new presentation of food items for the later hours of your wedding reception. Top trends in the late night snacks include sliders, mini pizzas, gourmet spiced fries, tacos and desserts like sundae bar as well as cookies with mini milkshakes and milk.

Catering for your summer wedding only requires you to be a little creative. The trends will only inspire your ideas.



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