Wedding Favor Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Ideas Toronto

Summer weddings are exceptional thanks to the warm sunshine. Whether yours is a traditional themed wedding or a beach wedding, you can give summer themed wedding favors to your guests to show appreciation. The big question, however, is on what to give. Here are some of the most recommended ideas to incorporate into wedding planning.

Plant memories

Blossoming flowers have a huge visual impact. Whether you are gifting flower seeds or a potted plant, these gifts will be a beautiful reminder once they are in full bloom. There is no better way of commemorating your big day than this. For lasting favors, use monogram flower pots with your name as well as the wedding date. Dahilas, daisies, catmints and black-eyes Susans are great summer flowers to use for this.

Light up the night

Lanterns can be used as part of the décor. Alternatively, if you are looking for great gifts for your guests, why not gift them soft glowing lanterns. These gifts will be great decorations on a summer night. At the end of the day, the guests can leave with the lanterns. You can print on the lanterns to add your name and date of the wedding. Some great colors to consider for the lanterns are starry night blue, canary yellow and sunset glow orange.


Ceramic bowls are a good choice for wedding favors. You can use creative images like beach scenes and sunsets to make them more attractive. Mosaics are also a remarkable choice for bowl decorations. These are tiny pieces of glass that are held together using grout. Mosaic can also be used to hang art decorations or even create mirrors or coasters. Mosaics are remarkable for sunrise and sunset scenes because of the vibrant colors they reflect.

Still on art, digitally printed photos are gaining popularity. These can be your favorite scenic photos which you transcribe on coaster for practical summer wedding gifts. Digital printed pics are in matte or glass finish.

Charity favors

Why not give back using charity favors? This is another option you can consider. It works best if you have a special foundation that you love donating to. To use this option, you can leave a card on the table of your guests explaining that a donation has been made to charity. Alternatively, a video can be played informing the guests that they are supporting a great cause.

Summer is the most popular season for weddings. Tying wedding favors to the theme of your wedding will make your wedding even more memorable. The favors don’t need to be expensive. Food, flowers, art and charity donations make great choices.



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