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2016’s Hottest Catering Trends for Elegant Parties and Important Events

2016 Hottest Catering Trends

The secret to good catering is just one thing: good food. Whether the dishes being served are old or new, the reality is that what’s most likely to please your guests is the taste, not the presentation. Having said that, the presentation can be a huge part of the fun of it all—and just because a culinary creation is new doesn’t mean that it’s not going to taste amazing. Food is the oldest way of bringing people together and sharing a common bond, so the next time you’re planning your next party, event, or wedding, keep this in mind and delight your guests with something truly special. Let’s take a moment and examine the latest trends in high end catering from right here in Toronto.

Vegetable Based Dishes Using Locally Grown Produce

Did you know that our country is the fifth largest producer of agriculture on the entire planet? It should come as no surprise then that the caterers who take advantage of this fact are met with a lot of success. Dishes that use locally grown produce tend to have a very clean, fresh taste. In many cases these vegetable products haven’t had to travel very far (sometimes not further than a few miles) and thus retain the most of their natural freshness. Combine vegetables with locally sourced dairy and cheeses and you have a match made in heaven like a beet, burrata, and prosecco dish that delights the senses with elements of sour and sweet.

On-Site Dish Preparation

Rather than having the dishes prepared in advance, many catering clients are now preferring to have the chefs from their catering company of choice use a variety of mobile tools and cooking stations to prepare food right out in the open at the event. This can provide guests with a form of entertainment and a level of intimacy with the dish and the people preparing it that can enhance their overall enjoyment. In situations where chefs are friendly and forthcoming about their methods and love of cooking, your guests will have the opportunity for conversation and might even learn a little something while enjoying a meal that they saw prepared right before their very eyes.

On Site Dish Preperation

Comfort Foods Both Local and Exotic

Comfort food, those dishes which are reminiscent of home cooking and tend to be just a bit high in sugars or carbohydrates, are making a splash this year, sometimes in what appears to be a stark contrast to the lighter, healthier dishes that have grown in popularity at seemingly the same rate.

All things in moderation, even moderation—these comfort food dishes don’t always have to be Canadian in origin either, as many catering customers and companies are exploring the offerings found from European countries like Germany. In fact, one of the more quickly growing trends of the year is schnitzel, a fried meat that’s been coated in breadcrumbs. Simple in nature, highly versatile in terms of both preparation and delivery, and ultimately delicious and somehow comforting, even if you’ve only ever seen Berlin on a postcard.

Local and Exotic Wedding Foods

Discovering More with en Ville

If you’d like to learn more about 2016’s catering trends and take advantage of an experienced hand in the preparation and execution of your next event, please feel warmly welcomed to contact the experts at en Ville Event Design and Catering. With over two decades of experience in the event design and catering business, this award winning and full service catering company is known throughout Toronto as the go-to for weddings, corporate events, and elegant parties. To discover how en Ville can make your next event a memorable smash hit, you’re encouraged to dial (416) 533-8800 at your earliest convenience.