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4 Modern Menu Ideas In Corporate Catering

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Let’s admit, it’d be sad to find a tray of sandwiches waiting for you at lunch after you’ve waited for a long time for something to eat. We all know the great role of food in our lives, and therefore it’s extremely important to remember about it when you plan a corporate catering menu.

In case you hope to break free from the traditional food serving and do something surprising for the next corporative event, meeting or celebration, you should check out the following modern menu ideas in corporate catering.

1. Local Cuisine

Fresh and local foods are very trendy in the food world at the moment. Professionals in corporate catering in Toronto explain: the words “local” and “fresh” are everywhere now, so it would only be natural to reflect this trend in the field of corporate catering.
Addition of fresh local foods to the corporate catering menu will be a good way to present seasonal products, open people’s eyes to the simple foods available right in the neighborhood and keep the attendees energized at your corporate event. Flavor of fresh ingredients instead of heavy, rich foods will gain praise and help people feel powerful and ready for long meetings.

Corporate Catering en Ville

2. Beautiful Bite Size Treats

Small size foods and snacks are always appealing. One of the modern themes in corporate catering at the moment is interpretation of already known favorite foods. They are presented then as yummy bite-size pieces.
When a corporate cocktail reception or a large event is planned, and you are looking for something funny, delicious and easy to eat, consider making your foods smaller. It can be stuffed meatballs, gourmet sliders, small antipasto skewers, tiny crab cakes or oyster shooters. The chefs in our corporate catering company can prepare such foods in a beautiful way, and they taste simply awesome!

Corporate Catering en Ville

3. Ethnic Motives

Why not make a journey to India or Vietnam at lunchtime? Planning and organizing an ethnic menu will be a good way to make your guests curious and surprised by something unexpected.
Street Vietnamese food is very popular at the moment and still has many flavors that are familiar and loved. Think of Banh mi sandwiches served with cold rice paper rolls. Add spicy noodles and your catering menu will already look amazing.
If you wish to impress your guests with Indian food, offer charred tandoori chicken accompanied by naan, rice, cucumber salad and a variety of meat and vegetable curries. Just keep in mind that one should keep the curries mild and that hot sauce is served on the side.

4. Sandwiches With Ingredients At Choice

Sandwiches are a well-known option in a corporate catering menu, as they fit a lunchtime meeting ideally. But in reality in many cases such sandwiches are not a big hit. That’s why we suggest you to forget boring sandwiches and to present a DIY sandwich bar offering fresh vegetables, artisanal breads, locally produced cheeses and meats and an assortment of interesting topping variants and spreads. One can also include some sandwich presses or griddles for those who want to grill their sandwiches.