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7 Wine Trends Dominating 2016

When hosting an event, you don’t want to forget about wine catering. Nothing impresses guests more than offering a nice selection of wine. Even if you’re not a wine expert, you should still try to keep up with trends. Having a basic idea of what guests are expecting will help you with the planning process for catering in Toronto.

These days, wine is more popular than it’s ever been. People are educating themselves, thanks to an increase of information on production, vineyards, and trends on the internet.

Here are some of the top trends you can expect to see in the coming months:

1If the wine has a story behind it, people want to know about it. The background details about the drink, where it came from, who made it, whether it’s biodynamic, organic, etc. – is all information that people want to know. This also includes the labels. When ordering wine for your event, make sure that the labels are very detailed. Familiarize yourself with the brands you intend to serve

2Syrah is growing in popularity. It’s one of the darkest red wines available – even more so than Cabernet Sauvignon. Also known as Shiraz, Syrah features flavours such as tobacco, berries, pepper, and smoked meat. It’s a “full-bodied” wine and contains a high amount of tannins. It also has more antioxidants than other red wines out there, making an ideal choice for health enthusiasts.

3Millennials are now the largest population of wine-drinkers, and they are interested in variety. They are not as interested in California wines as other age groups. Popular foreign wines for Millennials include varieties from South Africa, Portugal, Austria, and Greece. Keep this in mind if a lot of younger folk will be attending your event.

4Sparkling wine is no longer just for breakfast. Consider offering glasses for luncheons and dinners as well. There is a growing interest in sparkling wine – particularly in mimosa and rosé. Expect more winemakers to start producing more sparkling varieties. Since it’s lower in calories and alcohol, people can drink more.

5Consumers are willing to pay more money for quality wine. The more expensive brands are increasing in sales and the cheaper brands are becoming less popular. It’s ideal that you offer guests the highest quality wine that you can afford.

6Natural wines are growing in popularity. Even though they have only recently begun growing in momentum, natural wines themselves have existed for thousands of years. For most of human history, wine was not made with additives, packets of yeasts, enzymes, powdered tannins, etc. Since there has been a movement towards anything “organic” over the past decade, it’s not very surprising that wine is now part of this trend.

7The gadget Coravin is really popular these days. It allows you to extract wine from a bottle without having to remove the cork, while simultaneously inserting inert argon gas in the space left by the extracted wine to prevent oxidation in the bottle. It’s a good idea to have this gadget on hand at any wine catering event.

Keep these trends in mind so that you’ll know what kind of wine to offer your guests at event catering in Toronto.