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Ideas For A BBQ Party

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A BBQ party in the backyard is the best way to spend a holiday with friends and family in summer. One can host a BBQ on some special day or simply as an excuse to go out and have fun. Professional event planners from our corporate catering company can offer you plenty of BBQ party ideas, and here we’d like to share some of them that will make your summer celebrations become a success.

Decide What Your BBQ Theme Will Be

There are plenty of summer barbeque parties and events, and you can make yours unique. The theme can be tailored to a certain type of holyday, food, occasion, interest or location. Show your creativity and bring fun in it! Here are some barbeque event themes from us to inspire you:

  • Typical American barbeque
  • Nautical BBQ
  • Southern cookout BBQ
  • Hawaiian Luau barbeque
  • Surf and turf barbeque
  • Beach BBQ
  • BBQ in the backyard with burgers

Invitations For The Guests

Spend some time on planning the design of your invitations with BBQ theme and send them out digitally. Doesn’t matter if it is a big party or a small family reunion, invitations can spread the word and please your future quests. Not only interesting design is welcome: you also need not to forget about important things like time, location, potluck information, date, etc.

Decoration Of The Place

Specialists engaged in corporate catering in Toronto can offer a variety of ideas here. One can decorate the backyard BBQ location using simple, rustic or classic items. It’s better to keep things simple: outdoor events already provide an ambiance required for a good party. You can focus on table décor, centerpieces and lighting to enhance – but not over-decorate – your celebration outdoor. Also pay attention that a solid tablecloth will make a simple picnic table festive. As for the centerpieces, one can use tin watering cans or tin pails instead of vases for wonderful summer flowers. The atmosphere will change completely if you add interesting lighting, for example paper lanterns, votive candles or tiki torches. A great advice for your evening barbeque would be to place citronella candles on every table to keep bugs away and add some charm.
If you wish to choose another type of decoration, you can consider flags, beach balls, nautical items and so on.

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Food At Your Barbeque Party

Food is essential for any BBQ party or event. We would suggest you to serve a number of grilled foods, appetizers and salads. Here you need to remember that there should be such dishes which you can serve at room temperature, so that you avoid spoiling or melting. Here we offer some classis barbeque event foods that will be a good choice for any barbeque event theme:

  • For a snack: salsa, chips, guacamole, pretzels, vegetables and ranch dip, popcorn and trail mix.
  • For the grill: hot dogs, burgers, steak tips, chicken, corn on the cob, vegetable skewers and shrimp.
  • Side dishes: pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, baked potatoes, french fries, fruit salads and baked beans.
  • For the dessert: apple pie, watermelon slices, cookies, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes and popsicles.

Entertainment And Games

Your guests will appreciate if you organize some party games for them to play at the BBQ. Volleyball, tag, badminton, Capture the Flag and many other competitive or less competitive (like karaoke) activities will be good for the team spirit and will provide fun for everybody.