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Popular Event Catering Trends.

Popular Event Catering Trends, From Gluten-Free Dishes to Candy Stations

If you are planning for event catering in Toronto, you will want the party or celebration to stand out. Since it’s a bustling city, the demand for events and meetings is growing significantly within every industry. Since food trends are constantly changing, event coordinators must keep up with the trends in order to satisfy every guest’s preferences.

Not only is the food itself important, but services, presentation, and design all important catering factors as well.

Here is a look at some event catering trends this year:

Event Catering IdeasThe “stem to root” movement is pretty big in 2016. No point in having the stalks of broccoli or fennel bulbs thrown away. Just have it all cooked and served. The cost of food is rising, so it makes sense to get the most out of it. Every part of a vegetable, including the leaves, stalks, stems, and skin, has its own unique taste.

Event Catering IdeasGluten-free foods are really popular as event hosts are starting to consider guests with dietary restriction needs. Even individuals without celiac disease might be on this kind of diet. The leading gluten-free foods include snacks, cookies, and bakery products. Recipes range from cauliflower pizza crust to baked omelet pie.

Seafood - Event Catering IdeasStrolling buffets and strolling station menus are growing in popularity. You can rent or buy multiple stations and offer a variety of appetizers on each. On one strolling cart, you can offer seafood. On another, you could offer healthy snacks. For wine catering, you could offer a variety of wines and other drinks on a cart. With this type of setup, you can create an interactive, social environment for guests.

Event Catering IdeasCheese will never go out of style. It’s the one thing that should always be offered at any event, aside from drinks. There are so many varieties of cheese, and it can be used in many different ways. In 2016, bold flavours are front and center. It’s now trendy to offer cheese with herbs, jalapeno, garlic, etc. Authenticity is important as well. If possible, offer cheese produced in Ontario.

Event Catering IdeasKnow which cocktails to offer. What kinds of drinks are people expecting to find at parties this year? Disco Era cocktails are a good place to start, with mojito, martini, and Manhattan leading the pack. Frozen cocktails are also trendy right now, and not just for tropical vacations.

Herbs - Event Catering IdeasAnother catering trend is to offer guests “adventurous items”. Give people the opportunity to try something they’ve never had before at your event. From baked honey soy chicken to Fugu, there are many exotic recipes to choose from. You can also get creative in the kitchen by coming up with savvy pairings that will intrigue guests.

Dessert - Event Catering IdeasThe dessert menu is extremely important. Some people go directly to the dessert and skip over the appetizers and meals. The donut is a popular choice right now. Chefs are giving it the cuisine treatment. You can get artistic by creating a donut wall. Another popular catering trend is to have an interactive candy station. Even if it’s an adult event, you can never go wrong with candy. Offer a variety of candies and allow guests to pick whatever they want.

These are some creative ideas for you to consider if you are working as or with a Toronto caterer.