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Tips From Professional Caterers: How Much Food Will Be Enough For Your Celebration?

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So, you’ve invited the people you want to see, and you already know the number of those that will come definitely. How much food will satisfy all of them?

The question is not as simple as it seems. No host would want to run out of food suddenly, but neither is it good to order too much and then throw the leftovers out or turn it into dogs’ lunch.

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Preparation Is Extremely Important

There are many factors that one should weigh before deciding on the required amount of food for the event. By all means, it’s important to know the final count of the invited, the duration of the party, the type of your event and the type of food to be served.

For instance, for an evening cocktail party one will require much less food than for an entire afternoon or for a full-day event. The longer your guests stay the more food they will consume. Sounds obviously, right?

But stay on the safe side when you estimate the amount of food. Some guests eat more, some – less, and in the end it will be balanced. Choose the drinks and foods that are more popular and order more of them, as they tend to disappear fast.
Bear in mind that having a large variety of foods will lead to tiny portions, but in some cases that can be sufficient if people are just curious to try something new.

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What The Specialists Of Our Corporate Catering Company Recommend For Every Event Judging By Their Experience:

If you wish to have just an evening celebration without dinner, then plan at least 10-15 portions per person. When a buffet style is planned, one can round up because people then tend to eat more.

In case you serve pre-dinner appetizers, order 3-5 pieces for each person, and it’s better to choose lighter foods, because there will be dinner later.

When the celebration takes place in the middle of the day and you wish to serve meals later, order 1-3 pieces for each person.


Make sure to order 3 beverages for every person and keep in mind that coffee fans will consume approximately one cup of coffee every 1.3 hours.


Usually people consume 2 drinks – either coffee, tea, juice, etc. It’s advisable to plan one main entrée (approx. 5 oz.) per guest, and also two side dishes including bread. An excellent dessert for breakfast is fruit. Cut fruit and estimate 3-5 pieces per guest, or one cup of fruit salad. If you serve just pastries, you need to make it 2 pieces for each person.


Experts in corporate catering in Toronto say that lunch is no less important and can make a great impression if served correctly. For hors d’oeuvres it is suggested to have 2-4 pieces for each person. As for the main entrée (approx. 5 oz.), it should have 2-3 sides, including a dessert and a starch. Don’t forget to prepare a number of drinks, including beer, pop, lemon water and so on. If you wish to have sandwiches, order 1-2 per person.


Prepare 3-5 hors d’oeuvres for every person; the exact number depends on the amount of courses. Make a main entrée (5-7 oz.) and also 2-3 sides, for example beans, pasta, vegetables, etc. Offer your guests small portions of salad, soup or bread. There should be always water on the table.


It’d be good to offer 1-3 pieces for each guest. Provide one piece of cake, pastry or tart, or 4 oz. of some creamy dessert (mousse). In case you want to boast with large variety of desserts, you should offer smaller portions.
Coffee will be appropriate and more needed after your dessert is served.