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Ditch the Traditional Wedding Cake and Choose These 5 Alternatives

Wedding Cake

If you don’t want to serve the traditional wedding cake at your wedding, it’s perfectly ok. There are endless options of sweet dishes that you can serve on your big day and make everyone feel extra special. You don’t need cake to make your wedding memorable. There are couples that have chosen to think outside the box and choose varieties that people still enjoy. Let’s look at 5 alternatives that you can serve instead of a wedding cake.

Serve mini desserts

Everyone loves mini desserts for two reasons. First, they come in bite-sized portions so they are not too heavy to indulge in on a hot sunny day. Secondly, you can have endless types of desserts to choose from including cupcakes, ice cream cones and pies. When choosing mini desserts that all your guests will enjoy, think about the presentation. You can even present them in a vertical flow like a cake. Make the presentation fun and easy for your guests to pick and choose the one they like most. Presenting a variety of mini desserts to choose from always works. Good thing with the small portions is that people can try all of the desserts offered without feeling stuffed. Either display all the desserts on a table or plate the different ones on each plate and give your guests.

Different doughnut flavors

You can give guests doughnuts that come in different fillings and icings. The size of the doughnuts may vary depending on how you want to serve them. You can have a few of the regular-sized doughnuts and other mini doughnuts of a different kind. You can arrange them on a dessert table to form a tower where the different flavors are beautifully displayed for your guests to choose what they want. You can even display the doughnuts as a multi-layered cake or spread them across the table.

An assortment of ice cream

Who doesn’t want to go to a summer wedding with different ice cream flavors? You don’t have to choose so many types of flavors. You can stick to the normal chocolate and vanilla flavors then offer different kinds of toppings such as fresh fruit, candies and syrups. You can even have lactose free ice cream for those who don’t eat dairy. An ice cream cart is perfect for summer weddings to keep your guests cool.

Coffee desserts, puddings and flavored cakes

Think of serving different kinds of coffee desserts as shots in small coffee cups. Banana pudding can also be a nice dessert to serve your guests in a mini cup. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to dessert shots for your wedding catering Toronto.


Cheese cake can be the perfect dessert to serve on your wedding. You can have cheese plates that are placed on each table together with fresh fruits and some honeycombs. Combine sweet and savory cheese with fruiter alternatives to wow your guests.
Hope these dessert ideas will help you to develop a unique wedding menu that fits your budget and needs.