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Fun and Unusual Wedding Foods for Your Big Day

If you are at the point in the wedding planning stages where you need to think about wedding catering, you may be wondering what types of foods to serve to your guests. If you have been to a wedding lately, you have probably noticed that many brides and grooms are pulling away from the idea of traditional fancy dinners and are moving to a more casual atmosphere with different food offerings. Below, we will go over some fun and unusual foods that you can choose for your wedding day!


A great spin on traditional cake is doughnuts. Everyone loves them and you can serve them up as a morning brunch or even as a sweet dessert for an evening wedding. Your options are almost endless when it comes to the flavours. In fact, you can customize the flavours to match the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have a fall wedding, consider a pumpkin spice doughnut or even an apple fritter.

If you choose not to work with a wedding planner, you will find that you overspend on even the most basic items and your budget will soon be lost somewhere in the dust.

2-01Serve Up Comfort Foods

If you are from the south or you simply love some down home good cooking, consider serving up comfort foods at your wedding. You can serve small cups of tomato soup with a bite size piece of toast to remind your guests of the simple things in life and transport them to a cozy cottage on a winter morning. You can also opt in for other choices such as grown up grilled cheese or a simply peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

3-01-01-01Mini Desserts

Instead of a single dessert, consider offering a variety of mini desserts for your guests to choose from. Guests like to have a variety and allowing the guests to choose their favorite dessert is sure to keep them all pleased.

4Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? We know we do! Wedding catering is not always about the most expensive meats and you can serve a beautiful breakfast dinner which includes a bacon bowl or eggs benedict. Your guests will love the indulgence and everyone will feel like they are walking on the wild side for a few minutes.

5Add an Interactive Food Station

Weddings are fun in and of themselves, but add in an interactive food station and your guests will scream like children at recess. You can choose from a wide variety of interactive food stations which allow guests to make s’mores, snow cones, pasta dishes, alcoholic inspired drinks, and even ice cream sandwiches.

When you start to plan out the wedding catering services for your wedding, think about your guests first and what they enjoy. If you have a small crowd of your closest friends and family, you will be able to personalize your reception to impress them and satisfy their cravings all at the same time. Whether you choose to go with a traditional fare or you want to impress with an unusual fare, the team at En Ville Catering is here to help you.

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