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How To Rescue Your Own Wedding If You Tend To Drink Too Much

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Well, we guess you know this problem if you already read this article. But something has to be done with it, especially when boozing on your wedding day is concerned. You know, too much of something good can be very, very bad. The first rule is, or course, not to overdo it on the special day. But then, who is perfect? So if such an accident has already happened and you need to sober up somehow, use our tips to stand on your feet again and to feel better (we haven’t forgotten about some precautionary measures, too, so you won’t fall over at once).

A Cold Shower

Yes, we know that may be hard to do when you are already glammed up, but a cold shower is usually an optimal way out for tipsy men. If your groom gets wasted already before the ceremony, get his boys send him to have a cold shower, suggest specialists in wedding catering and wedding planning. It can wake him up at least, and it will keep him away from alcohol for some time, which is also good. And the groom will be refreshed by the start of the ceremony.

Slow It Up With The Booze

If you realize that you can get drunk early, please don’t continue drinking at all. At the moment when you begin feeling a little tipsy, just cut out the consumption of alcohol stat. In the result your state depends on your weight and height, and the amount of alcohol consumed. Thus, it would be a good idea to know beforehand how many drinks you may have without getting too drunk. Also don’t drink at the pre-ceremony (one glass of champagne is allowed, though) and drink moderately during your wedding party. Think about your special day and the memories you want to keep, and imagine it’s an important performance on the stage. There is just one chance to make a good impression. You must pass this test successfully!

Much Water (Coconut Water Will Do Too)

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Though it can sound as a no-brainer, even if one doesn’t feel good and is not able to keep it down, he needs to keep drinking water, tell the experts of the Toronto catering company. One glass of water is a must after every alcoholic beverage you take. Following this rule has saved the day for many brides and grooms.

Eat Plenty Of Carbs

This can absorb the alcohol you consume, so let yourself try as much as you wish from pasta, breads, potatoes and so on. But no salads. It may be not a good idea for those who keeps a diet, but that will beat the alternative after all.

Sleep As Long As You Can

Our experience in wedding catering in Toronto proves this, too. A power nap, if you have time for it, can work wonders. Unless you have a very busy schedule, take your time and sleep off.

Simple “No” To Alcohol

You may feel pressure from your friends, but let us be serious and ask the bartender to take shots off the table, and you’ll avoid doing something silly in the end. Stick to the beer before the ceremony, and proceed with the liquor after. One can keep drinking beer throughout, too.

Don’t Have Darker Alcoholic Drinks

Whiskey or red wines contain substance which is produced during fermentation. Instead of these, try vodka or white wine, and you’ll get not too buzzy.