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Tips on Choosing and Buying Wine for a Wedding

There are so many types of wine out there that you probably feel overwhelmed. What would be right for a wedding? Since it’s one of the highlights of a wedding, it’s vital that you choose the right type of wine that suits your special day. Not only do you need to choose the right wine, you must also choose the right wedding event catering services in Toronto.

Here are some guidelines for buying wedding wines.

Event CateringFirst, determine how much wine to order. A rule of thumb is to divide the number of adult guests you are expecting by 2.15. For example, if you are expecting to have 120 guests of drinking age, you will need approximately 56 bottles of wine. Round up by the case when placing your order. Keep in mind that you can get away with ordering less wine (as much as 30% less) if you plan on serving cocktails.

Wine CateringSince red wine is a crowd favourite, it should comprise approximately half of your wedding wine purchase. If you’re on a tight budget, you should consider red wines from South America, Portugal, Australia, or South Africa. For average costs, keep your eyes on Carbernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot deals. More expensive options include Chianti and Super-Tuscans, as well as aged wines southern France wines like Cote du Rhone or Corbieres. There are also high-quality American wines that you might want to consider for a luxury wedding celebration.

Event Catering IdeasThe wine-by-the-glass trend is only expected to grow more in the coming months. Curious consumers are interested in trying out new wines, but don’t want to spend a fortune on bottles. This trend also offers an economic solution for the average Toronto caterer who serves a lot of wine at events.

Event Catering IdeasRose wine is pretty versatile in just about any seasons. It’s recommended if you are offering a lot of seafood. Zinfandel is a good rose wine for casual weddings. Dry rose is a good choice if you are offering poultry, tuna, salads, and sirloin.

Wine CateringDon’t forget about the champagne toast. As important as it is, you probably won’t need much of it, since most guests won’t drink more than half a glass of sparkling wine. Approximately one bottle per eight or nine people is a good estimate.

Wine CateringYou don’t have to stick with one kind of wine. You might want to offer a good mix of red, white, and rose – especially if your guests have eclectic tastes.

Event Catering IdeasWhen buying wine in bulk, check with wholesale retailers to see what they are offering. If you are after a specific brand, call well in advance to make sure that the store has time to order the cases for you. You might also want to look into services that allow you to personalize your wine bottles with custom wedding labels.

Work with an experienced wine and event catering company in the Greater Toronto Area for more ideas.