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What to Serve at Your Wedding! Tips and Ideas

Attending weddings is fun for your guests, but if you want to have a wedding outside of the box, then you need to work closely with your wedding planner and wedding catering company. Before you simply choose to serve the traditional dinner fare, consider making the night great with some new and fresh ideas. Below, we will go over some of the hottest trends in wedding food right now and you can implement any of these into your reception.

1Enjoy Coffee Before Dinner

Ever seen a tired reception crowd? They are not much fun, are they? To fight back against the tired blues, serve up a coffee bar before dinner arrives at your reception. In fact, you can have a small barista bar right at the entrance to the reception hall and your guests can have their drinks made right there.

Not sure what to serve? Consider traditional coffee, iced lattes, and even cappuccinos or espresso shots.

2-01Food is Fun

Don’t let fun food scare you! Consider playing with your food and allowing it to surprise your guests. For example, consider serving up fresh tuna in a can to mimic tuna fish or even add some goldfish crackers as a garnish to the soup on the menu. It is never a bad idea to have some fun options on the menu and your guests will thank you later on.

3-01-01-01Late Night Snacks

If you are having a late night wedding and reception, consider serving up snacks late at night near the midnight hour. Even though your guests ate earlier at your reception, the dancing, drinks, and excitement will have them feeling hungry again as the midnight hour approaches. You can serve some late night snacks from mini sliders to French fries and even a shrimp platter. Have fun with your late night food and if you do want to have a dinner prior to the snacks at your reception, consider a light choice such as Kobe meatballs on a stick or bite size options.

4Mixology Bar Station

Who doesn’t love alcohol, especially at a wedding! Instead of the traditional bar where guests go and order their favourite drinks, consider having a mixology station where guests can make their own signature drinks. You can choose from a variety of alcohol types to serve. For example, consider having a champagne mixology station where guests can choose from fresh fruit purees, some liquor options, and a nice herb or two for garnish – yum!

5Don’t Make Guests Choose

Most guests love to enjoy surf and turf options and instead of making them choose between the two, work with your wedding catering company to stack the entrees. This way, your guests can enjoy a delicious portion of both. For example, consider serving up a pan seared filet stuffed with lobster in a cream sauce. You can’t go wrong with an option like that!

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